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6 Best Visual Commerce Platforms for Ecommerce Marketing

Everyday eCommerce websites are planning to do something unique so that they can overshadow their competitors. Now with evolving technology, enters visual commerce platforms, the best way to attract customers with the help of social media.

What is Visual Commerce?

Visual Commerce can refer to many things like social media tracking, using User-Generated Content for marketing strategies, providing shoppable content on social media and website.

In the essential form, visual commerce refers to enhancing the user experience by providing compelling, influential and enticing visual content that urges them to buy the products right away. The best part about visual commerce is that it works with UGC, which enables distinctive ideas from users to display the products.

Visual Commerce being such an innovative and distinguishing marketing solution can be highly valuable for a brand.

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Here Are The Best Visual Commerce Platforms For Ecommerce Marketing,

1. TaggShop

TaggShop is a visual commerce platform owned by Taggbox that can help you turn your social into sales. It helps you grow your eCommerce website via social media and User-Generated Content (UGC).

With the help of this visual commerce platform, you can collect UGC for your brand and display it on your website to improve user-engagement and showcase social proof. You can then tag your products in the images obtained to make your social media feeds shoppable.

These tags will give the customers the details of the product once they click on it. Once you’re done with tagging the products, you can go ahead and embed it on your website.

It provides you with amazing themes to design your visual commerce feed as you want, analytics feature to monitor your performance and many more. It also gives you an option to add a call to action button. This visual commerce platform can be highly useful to enhance your brand’s user-engagement and eCommerce conversion rate.

2. GetCandid

Get Candid believes community content drives stunning business results. They work towards reducing the time and efforts of brands. They help brands understand, discover and manage their audiences and users. They provide you with a good ROI with their services.

This visual commerce platform works with user-generated content and influencer generated content to generate higher revenue for the brands. It has multiple packages with different prices, you can access the features accordingly.

You can discover user-generated images and tag your products. Once you are done with that, you just have to display your tagged posts on your website and wait for the people to buy your products.

3. Squarelovin

Squareloving lets you use UGC for your brand’s marketing. You can collect pictures related to your brand and filter the ones you need. Once you’re done with that, they help you get the usage right with just one click. Then you can go ahead and add your products to those posts and link them. The last step will be integrating those posts to your wall.

You can easily analyze your performance and enhance your brand awareness techniques.

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4. Stackla

Stackla helps you with product tagging by syncing your catalog data. Once you have synced your catalog, all the details will be seamlessly available on Stackla. You can tag your products and also add a call to action button with it. The Stackla AI scans your visual content, identifies scenes and emotions and auto-tags your content with visual tags.

With the help of this visual commerce platform, you can go for UGC powered retargeting as well. It works on how shoppers interact with your catalog. You can also send transactional emails to this tool that excites people.

5. Adsmurai

Adsmurai is a visual commerce platform that uses UGC to attract audiences and boost sales. You start with acquiring and filtering your user-generated content. Once you’re done with that, you have to match your posts with your product catalog.

You can analyze and study your post’s performance and improve accordingly. You also have the option to optimize your content by placing the high resulting posts on the top.

6. Visenze

Visenze is a visual commerce platform for smartphones. It is an AI-based shopping platform. When a customer captures an image in the camera or chooses one from their gallery, Visenze display all related products to their screen. You can leverage this technology easily.

You just have to list your products and you will be charged per sale. It is an amazing way to display your products and drive that traffic on your website.

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Final Words

Visual commerce can help you with a lot of aspects like user-engagement, higher eCommerce conversion rate, generating social proof, and many more. The best part is that it is cost-effective and provides you with a good return on your investment. Not using visual commerce for your eCommerce website is no less than sin at present times.

So if you are eager to boost your eCommerce sales and conversions, choose a tool that serves your requirements the best and start your own visual commerce platform.

Author Bio:

I’m Alice Herman and I’m a digital marketer and technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, and digital marketing trends.

Author Twitter Handle: @AliceHerman_usa

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