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Are you an expert in your field?

Do you have a lot to say but lack the ability to reach a mass audience?

Do you want to write for us?

Then look no further. Contributors are always welcome at We are always on the lookout for experienced writers.

What are We Looking for?

You may write on almost everything about any product, any online company which launched on the Internet.

You may write Product reviews, Company reviews, Tips on any topic and so on.

Adult or gambling related articles are not acceptable.

Articles related to Gadgets, Technology, Blogging Tips, Money Making Tips, Part Time Jobs, Education, Science, E-Books, Affiliates, SEO, SMO are mostly welcome.

What Formats Do We Accept?

You may send your article in .doc, .pdf or .txt file for text documents and .jpg or .png for image files.

You may include H2 or H3 tags, bullet points, external links relevant to the topic you’re writing for and maximum of 3 keyword-rich anchor text of your choice.

Your post must be written in good English!

Only original ideas and Unique Content!

Copycats are rejected. We’ll check it over, so don’t waste your time on Cut-Copy-Pasting.

Article should be in 700+ words.

Contact Info !

Send us an article pitch to

Please note we reserve the right to edit or decline any article idea or post you email us. 

Note: For Dofollow, you have to pay.

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