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Why AngularJs is Getting Popular These Days?

Why AngularJs is getting popular these days?

Growing in the digital era helps us to understand so much about technology. You cannot deny the fact that we all are surrounded by technology and love to explore every bit of it. The rapid growth of technology has brought us to the world of the internet.

Yes, be it social media platforms, travelling or educational websites, everything is going online for a reason. Well, building a website is not an easy task and therefore there are numerous java developers and software engineers who work day and night to make a website stand apart in the crowd.

The most important feature one expects from a website is smoothly working. Nobody wants to go through a website which is confusing and doesn’t have a friendly user interface. There are various structural frameworks for creating dynamic web pages but one of the top names which come in today’s time is AngularJs.

This structural framework was introduced by Google and provides a lot of features like templates, dependency injection, testing, MVC and two-way data binding.

Here are the main reasons why AngularJs is getting popular:

AngularJs is easy to use and saves time: 

AngularJs is created with some rich features which help the website developers create an amazing site by writing minimum codes for the website. They don’t have to get into the depth of different data models.

It is simple for teams to manage the website as there are no directives within the integral parts of the website code. This way a lot of time is saved as there is no enough data written. You can utilize this time in making the website best for giving the best user experience.

AngularJs provides the benefits of MVC architecture:

There are a lot of applications which help in developing mobile applications. But very few have the ability to divide the application into Model View Controller(MVC). This is not the case with AngularJs App Development, because it helps you to get the most out of Model View Controller.

Therefore with the help of MVC one can get a faster web development process. It can help the user by offering them multiple views. As we understand that MVC application supports asynchronous technique, therefore, it can even run with PDF files, websites which only run on particular browsers and even on widgets of a desktop.

Impressive community support:

As we discussed earlier that Google has developed AngularJs, therefore it has a large community of Google+ AngularJs. This community consists of numerous experts who are professional AngularJS developers. Their experience helps them to make improvements with the open-source framework.

Google organizes conferences on a regular basis where new updates about AngularJs are discussed. A large number of companies from all over the world are invited to these companies. This makes the service provided by AngularJs stand apart in the crowd.

Modularity is one of the major reasons why AngularJs is popular:

One of the most important reasons people are liking AngularJs is due to its modularity. Developers feel good because they are able to create multiple modules for a single application. All the multiple modules are dependent on each other and the developer can easily combine them to run a single application. AngularJs has an amazing feature of automatically recognizing the demand to create an extra module so that it can simply be combined to develop other modules for an application.

It provides various filter options and opportunity to create one:

AngularJs is loved for its filters as it helps you the time you want to transform the stored data into AngularJs responsive design. The directory helps developers to choose from various filters for lowercase, number, orderby, uppercase, date etc. Apart from this, the filter option with AngularJs helps developers to create their own filters by generating a new filter factory.

The unique facility of two-way data binding:

AngularJs gives a two-way data binding facility. This functionality is known to be very commendable. Due to this feature, one can make changes in the application which will affect the user-interface. This way one can make the changes simultaneously between user actions and module changes with the help of AngularJs.

AngularJs consists of a single page application factor:

You need to understand that AngularJs and Single Page Application(SPA) are closely associated. They together form a validation capability which helps in a condition where if a page creates use of forms then the form controller notes its states.

Due to this noted data, the developers are able to change the conduct of HTML elements which exist in a user interface. AngularJs is able to help in error handling because it comes along with a built-in validates. It also gives you an option to create your own validates and show error notifications from the whole form or separate fields.

These are the points which can make you understand why AngularJs is one of the most famous and sought after frameworks for web applications.  This is the reason people believe that when it comes to working with the JAVA script application there is no framework as AngularJs which can replace it.

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