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Best Ways To Make Money From Your Business App

Best Ways To Make Money From Your Business App

The mobile app development is a booming industry, where numerous applications are built regularly. It is quite evident from the apps count on the Google and Apple Store. The higher the number of apps, the more will be the competition in the market. You need to show some patience post-launch of your app as it takes certain amount of time to generate a large user base.

If you’ve launched a mobile application with the motive of earning maximum business revenue, then you’re required to build an effective monetization model that will drive great revenue.

Given below are some of the result-driven ways to earn money from your mobile applications. Let’s skim through them:

Paid Apps

The first and the foremost option is to pay for downloading, which imply that the users can access an app only after making a payment for it. This is no doubt the best way to generate revenue for your business. So, we recommend you to come up with an app that is having paid features.

Always remember that you’ve to keep the application charges nominal, as hefty charges can make them to look for wallet-friendly options. For this purpose, you need to come out with the standardized pricing, so to attain the useful outcomes. 

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Freemium Apps

Undeniably, this is one of the most effective ways for improving the monetary value of an app. You simply have to offer some free features, but with a limited functionality. If the user liked your feature, then he/she will be likely to pay for more features.

The suitable example for this is Grammarly. This grammar-checker tool provides basic services with extended features for a certain amount.


The app owners should ensure that their mobile applications must be easy to use. This means that you’ve to devote some time in localizing the content, so the people of any region can understand it without any hassle.

For example, you need to opt the languages that the users of different countries can understand without any problem. It helps in overcoming the communication barrier, and you can encourage more people to download your app.

Push Notifications

Many enterprises have started using push notifications to inform the clients about the recently launched products and services. If you regularly send them messages related to your products, then they will surely make a purchase in sheer curiosity. So, push notifications is great for earning money through your mobile apps.

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Social Media

Presently, the social media is termed as the robust marketing medium to divert attention of your potential customers. As the user’s count on social media is more than million, it is convenient to reach a wider audience base. So, you can’t skip this platform if you want your business to get enormous success.

The best method by which you can grab attention of the users is by sharing your app’s link to them over social media.

In-app Ad Revenue

Collaborating with the third-party companies that will put their ads on your app is surely a wonderful idea. Even the app marketing evangelists has claimed that in-app ad contributes toward the business growth.

Within this, you will see the two options- interstitial and native apps. But, you should avoid adding multiple ads as it can turn off the users easily.

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Integration of ASO Update

It is not always enough to develop a mobile application for earning money. You’re required to keep an eye on the changes done from the end of Apple and Google Play Store. And, you should implement them timely to enhance the visibility of your mobile app.

Note it, you have to be super active when it is about performing updates. Also, you need to be make sure of the fact that your application have compatibility with the different app stores.

Competitor’s Analysis

Considering the prevailing competition in the market, it is definitely not a good decision to avoid your competitors. You should give adequate amount of time in researching your rival’s strategy. Through this, you’’ll be able to get a better idea of what different you can offer to the users that your rivals are not providing. This will make you distinct from the rest.

Due to this, you can deliver a wonderful user-experience to the people. As the app market is dynamic in nature, you need to put a lot of efforts to derive a higher business revenue.

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Final Words

So, these are some effective methods to increase business revenue through a mobile app. If you implement them, you are definitely going to accomplish your goal in a short span of time. This totally depends on you to choose the suitable strategy for your business. Test each and every strategy, and pick the one that fits ideal for your purpose.

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Tom Hardy is a mobile app marketing evangelist associated with Sparx IT Solutions for a long time. He has ample industrial experience, and helped many enterprises to build a solid foothold for their apps in the market. Through his write-ups, he likes to share business-oriented marketing tips to help the companies to grow.

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