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7 Things to Consider While Developing an Android App

Android is one of the popular mobile operating system developed by Google. Approx 75% of smartphone users around the globe are using the Android operating system. The number has grown to exponentially offer constant improvisation and custom-designed android app development. Android app development company provides advanced functionality, influential icons, a better browsing experience, with timely updates. Android is the most loved platform with advanced functionality and a user-friendly interface.

Android’s global market share is 85.9% as of 2019.(view)

If you intend to develop an Android app, here we have listed a few important things one must consider.

In-depth Market Research: 

The rise of smartphone users keeping the app development market competitive. Hence, before developing an android app, one must do comprehensive market research. It helps in implementing your idea fruitfully while always giving proper attention to detail. It also helps in knowing your competitor’s strengths and strategies which help in developing an outstanding android app. The market research also helps in understanding the customer requirement and allows you to follow the customer-centric approach.


Application design plays a crucial role in the overall development process. To provide users with an engaging experience, one must select an attractive model. Your application or website design represents your brand and your brand reputation. It helps you connect your customers and app with the business. If customers feel that the design of your android application is good, it enables you to generate more traffic and will provide an increased number of application downloads. Make sure that the design is compatible and responsive for efficient user experience.

Target Audience:

For any android app development company, it must understand the customer needs and requirements. Before starting to develop your Android app, make a strategic plan, follow a customer-centric approach, understand market demand, know your competitor’s strategy, and target the audience. To make your customers aware of your offerings, you should consider the target audience and formulate a plan for people to download your app.

Integrate Payment Gateway:

For any app to get successful, it must provide the customer with an integrated or built-in payment gateway. It helps customers rely on your website and pay instantly for the items they wish to buy. It helps in generating more significant revenue while allowing customers to do online shopping effortlessly.

Top-notch Security:

Development of an android app is secure, but to keep it in the industry for a long duration, it’s bound to offer the utmost security. Nowadays, most of the people are using applications for even doing little things or buying groceries. It consists of a lot of users’ personal information from the user name for bank account details. Hence, it becomes extremely significant to offer security and keep users’ information protected.

Include Social Media:

Connecting your app with social media can help you increase your app’s visibility. There are a lot of social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, which can help you improve your customer base and allows you to get better brand recognition. The maximum of the smartphone users are on a social media platform and it makes it easy for you to target the audience you wish to capture.

Development Method:

Deciding on the development method is one of the very crucial decisions. There are multiple methods available to develop an advance app like waterfall Model, Prototype Methodology, Spiral model, Dynamic system development model, rapid application development and a lot more. The best development model to follow is the agile method of construction. It helps you plan to convert your idea into reality in the most dignified way involving the number of iterations before arriving at the end product. By following a development method one can develop a customized app while keeping the user’s requirement in mind.

Android is one of the most trusted mobile application development platforms. It allows you to develop an advanced app keeping a few things in mind mentioned above. Hire android app developer and this platform will enable you to develop a fully functional and customized app offering top-notch security. It provides ease of use to users with its user-friendly interface.

In this progressive era, with digitalization taking over and tremendous growth of technology, the application development is the quick solution to reach the maximum number of people and providing them with the utmost ease and better customer experience.

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