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7 Tips for Proper Car Maintenance

A car is a long-term investment and you certainly want to cover all the money you’ve invested in buying your vehicle. But when you’re a car enthusiast, your vehicle more than just a machine to you. You take care of your car at every point- from washing to upkeep its every mechanical component.

And why not? “If you serve your car right, it will in-turn serve you right.” This clearly indicates the importance of timely maintenance of your car will be highly beneficial in the long run.

Here are the 7 crucial car maintenance tips to ensure your car is always in good condition:

1. Inspect air filter

The air filter is one of the very basic yet important part of your car. It is essential in smooth running for your vehicle. Since your car constantly pulls air from outside to mix with the fuel for burning, you need to ensure air filter is constantly working. If it’s running well, it can easily prevent the dirt and debris from entering your car engine. 

2. Inspect car battery

A car battery is essential to power motor of the engine as you turn on the key. If the car battery is not in good condition, you may get stranded at any place, as the car won’t crank. So, it’s best to keep inspecting your car battery for accurate fluid level and also replace it after two to three years. 

3. Inspect engine oil and change in timely

Engine oil is important for lubrication and all the internal engine gears and components’ life depends on it. Therefore, you need to do a timely inspection of car engine oil. If your car is low on engine oil, it can easily break down and lead to the heavy repair cost. In case, you notice, any black coloration in engine oil, it means it’s time to change the oil. Also, change the engine oil after the car has covered the driven miles. 

4. Check/replace the spark plugs

Sometimes you may overlook spark plugs during car maintenance. But depending on your car model and make, a vehicle is supposed o have four or more spark plugs. These are essential to ignite air-fuel mixture within the engine.

Over time, spark plugs may get deposited with carbon and the buildup starts to interfere with the quality and ignition timing. So, check the spark plugs after around 50,000 to 70,000 miles. You can also get them checked at a garage and if the mechanic suggests replacing them, do that immediately. 

5. Maintain pressure within the tires

Another important car maintenance tip is to check and maintain pressure in tires – as it impacts the quality of drive and comfort level. The right tire pressure is around 30 PSI and it ensures proper control over the car. It also helps in providing the right grip of tires over the road while making them move uniformly. 

6. Inspect the brake system

The brake system maintenance must be an important part of your car maintenance schedule. A car’s brake system is one of the essential factors to control your vehicle.

The accurate braking system is required to smoothly slow down or stop your car, which is also important in terms of safety. So, never compromise with the brakes to save your money. There is no fixed miles limit for brakes inspection. So, it is best to get the brakes checks monthly or every two months if you dive it too often. 

7. Check levels of all other car fluids

Now we are indicating the transmission fluid, power steering fluid, as well as the coolant in your vehicle. These car fluids are also important for smoothing running of your car. Due to any leakage in the hoses or pump or if there is not enough fluid in the reservoir, the power steering system will stop working as it’s supposed to.

The transmission oil is important for better transmission, just like engine oil is required for your car’s engine. Even the coolant is necessary to maintain the right engine temperature. Therefore, all these car fluids must be at the full level and in case of leakage, the issue must be fixed immediately.

About the Author:

My name is Stephen Fox. I am writer at World Wide Automobile. It’s a full-service leasing company. We delivers a tailored experience to our customers and I have experience of over 10 years in the automobile industry. In the leisure time, I love to travel with my family.

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  1. Great Tips. Maintenance on your car is a lot cheaper then repair. Have it regularly.

  2. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips. It’s a very helpful post to learn about car maintenance. Nice Post

  3. My sister wants to make sure that her blue Mercedes runs better than ever and it has been having some trouble braking because it will screech. She would really like to get some new brake pads from a professional so that she knows that her car will stop. I’ll be sure to tell her about how she should get them checked every month so that she can have better control of the car.

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  6. For others, it’s the best way to enjoy the beautiful sights and experiences the world has to offer, Whatever the reason, the vehicle is here to stay and will continue to be a very important part of man’s evolutionary development

  7. Is indeed the most important decision in a person life, should be taken with all proper care 🙂

  8. Very informative post and useful tips for every car owner. A wonderful sharing.

  9. I have no car 🙁 But I love can and very soon I will get it. I have bookmarked these links and follow these tips in the future, Thanks

  10. The 2-cycle engine oil would be an ideal solution as these oils reduce the risk of engine failures from spoil gasses and ensure smooth & efficient engine performance.

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