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Top Blogging Tools that may help you a lot

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Everyone new to the blogging field will be fetching some kind of newest ideas to make their blog to be different from others. One such way is to make use of blogging tools which make you feel more confident in the blogging field. Here i listed some of important and top blogging tools for your use.

In order to gain attention among the audiences the blogger must always give fresh posts with great ideas.  If you have more number of followers now, then it becomes little heavier job to maintain the reputation and fulfil the expectations of your followers. Thus, it becomes more necessary to provide Great topics to satisfy your visitors.

Is that always possible to think manually and produce such topics?

Every blogger will say “no” for the question above. The answer must be probably “no”, since every blogger is seeking some kind of platform or idea to shine in the blogging field.

In order to sort out that, the blogger can use the latest blogging tools that provide with newest ideas about the content you can generate. It provides you with tons of ideas among which you can select your desired topics and produce fresh content for those topics. Some of those tools are below.

Content Idea Generator:

This is a Google doc that will automatically find news related to your blog fetching all over the web world from Google news to Reddit, from tweets to public Facebook updates and more. This tool may help you a lot fetching contents related to your topics you wish to write on your blog.

Other than this, this tool can be widely used to create ideas for Podcasts, email newsletters, and youtube video, etc.


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For bloggers who wish to keep track of latest interesting articles can check out Diigo. You can build your personal library where you can save all the interesting keywords you come across. It also allows to email your links and notes directly to your Diigo library. Those links or notes will be saved automatically as private by default.

This tool can also be used in iPhone, smart phones with android operating system. It becomes more handy when used in mobiles.



This is one of the most powerful blogging tools which has been updated recently with many unique and stunning features. It allows to create an awesome community around our blog. You can do lot more than the older version by up-vote or down-vote comments, can see recurring commenters. It shows related articles and the top commenters when you have finished reading a particular topic.


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Focus Booster:

This is also an important tool that many use to increase the productivity of the blog. The app is based on a technology called Pomodoro which recommends you to break up your work time into 25 minutes chunks separated by 5 minute breaks to improve mental agility. This technique improves the way you write the topics, speed up and makes you to deliver the rich contents within a short time span.



Alltop collects the headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs. Using this, the blogger doesn’t want to switch between different social networks as Facebook to fetch on informations and hot news. Alltop is the place, where you can get all possible information and latest hot news all in one place.



Use Instagram pictures to attract more people to your blog. You can also combine instagram with flickr to provide best pictures for your articles. Many of the bloggers know that, providing eye-catching pictures might draw the attention of the visitors but however it is difficult to fetch such pictures and put in to your content.

Instagram helps you to do this.

Check out:

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It is a text editor which provides the writer with simple, yet artful and attractive backgrounds with captivating audio that helps to sustain the writing process until you find the shape for your articles. In other words, it strongly believes in making the writer to feel comfortable enjoyable while in writing process. It is an app that can be used in the mobile phones also.



One of the important aspects in successful blogging is engaging with the audience and understanding their interests. This is one such tool to create and embed surveys to your blog’s posts, so that you can directly know what your visitors think about your site. It also generates custom reports evaluating audience responses to give you better understanding.


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