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Important writing tools for Bloggers


For any professional writer, Time is money. Thus, efficiency is more necessary to produce qualified contents. To be more efficient nowadays, you must also be aware of today’s development in the Blogging field. In that way, here are few important tools that help any professional blogger to produce qualified contents within specified time. In other words, these tools help them a lot to improvise themselves and speed up their writing.

Some of these tools might seem to be little basic. But still, they are very useful for developing your successful blogs.  Below are the few of those writing tools that every blogger should know. They are:


Many of the bloggers venture into unknown topics at many times. We aren’t expected to know everything at every moment. But we are expected to know those unknown words or topics through some sources like Dictionary.

Having a default dictionary at your side, will do a great help to improvise yourself. You can also download it online and install that into your browser so that it can easy for you to research any unknown words you may come across.

To Download Dictionary: Click Here

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This can be otherwise called as ”Research Discovery Engine”. You can find tons of quality information about the current statistics, facts, trends in the following categories like technologies, companies, sources, consumers, and regions.

To visit this website:

Continue Learning:

Even the professional and skilled writer must often brush up with their writing manners and language basics. This can be effectively done with the help of the following sites like:

  • Purdue University’s OWL(Online Writing Lab):

This website has more than 200 writing resources and instructional materials for the writers. They help you to write with best grammar, styles, punctuations and more.

To work on this site, please visit the following:

  • University of Illinios’s writer’s workshop:

This is another best opportunity provided for the professional writes. Most notable section in this website is ”common problems”  which deals with the problems like dangling modifiers, run-on sentences, punctuations, sentence fragments and more.

Find this useful website in the following link:

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You can create stunning images to attract your visitors using the Picktochart site. This is an easy tool to help you create your own infographics (a visual image such as chart or diagram to represent the data) quickly and easily.

There are even tutorials and videos to explain this. So you can effectively make use of this website to create your own infographics easily. To visit this website:


Uploading videos to your post may automatically drive more traffic to your blog or site. This is a trick or technique which is followed by many blogger nowadays. They just search on Youtube for the best unique videos related to their topics and simply upload that to their website. This results in massive response and traffic to their site or blog. So similarly, if you too like to post videos to your blogs then you can make use of this “Jing” very effectively.

The most important thing about this site is it allows you to create our own video to be uploaded to your site. It allows creating a demo video of five minutes and uploading it to your blog. If you are not ready to upload videos of your own, then Jing is still helpful to create high quality screen captures regarding your demo session.

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  • Keyword planner:

As that of the earlier tool called “Keyword tool”, Google offers the latest version of this program in the name of “Keyword Planner”. This version does not have any attractive bells and whistles as that of the older version but still it is very helpful.

This tool helps you to create keyword groups. For example, rather than writing the same word “College” hundred times everywhere in the article, it replaces with the equivalent phrases like “Educational Institutes”, “University”, “Higher education”, etc.

Click Here to get Keyword Planner.

  • Topsy:

Do you wish to know what your targeted audiences are really interested in? This site allows you to analyze all the social media platforms by providing time-sensitive insight in the popular topics and trends. Simply type of keyword or phrase to know more about that.


  • Pomodoro Tracker:

Most of the writing experts will advise you to chunk your tasks into smaller sections to manage the time effectively. This Pomodoro Tracker or simply a timer, keep track of how much time you take to complete a given task. It gives you 25 minutes to complete a task and helps you to keep track of what you have accomplished.

Download Pomodo Time Tracker.

Above these are the few important writing tools that every blogger must be aware of. If you wish to become a professional writer then seek the help of these tools to improvise yourself.

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  1. I have hire someone to write contents for my news site. It’s still good to now.

    1. Hi Alize,

      Hiring someone to write for your blog is really an easy way to reduce burden, but promoting activities could be done by you only. If you hand over this to others, your blog can’t survive in the blogosphere.

      Thanks for your comment. Keep commenting.

  2. Really informative article. These are the tools that are must for a blogger to write a quality article. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Rahul,

      Yes. Above mentioned tools are must for a blogger to write a quality and best article. Glad you like this post. Keep coming man.

  3. Mr.Nirmal Anandh ;
    I’m very pleased for your helpful post , it’s very important post for blog writing .
    And I hope that you will post more about blog writing elements.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Mamunur,

      It’s my job to post the articles about blogging tips and tricks, so you can expect more from me. Keep on visiting my blog. Thanks for stopping by. See you back.

  4. I went through your list of resources for writers and bloggers and I am pretty impressed. Most of them are new to me that include fact browser, Topsy and Jing. I would add several more but the most important one is an easy to use plagiarism checker located at

    Keep up your good work.

    1. Hi Kidambi,

      We can’t say that, everyone knows everything. We are still keep on learning. There are lot to learn, it’s a never ending process. Thanks for your comment. Hope to see you back again.

  5. Jing is simple and easy to use tool but if you are looking for all in one deaktop applicationfor images and small videos then snagit is mych better choice.
    Its paid application but free trial is also available.

    1. Hi Tahir,

      An application might be good or bad depends the level of usage. Anyway thanks for dropping your comment here. Keep visiting, get updated and get me updated.

  6. thanx for providing use full tool for blogging. help me to learn new thing in blogging.

  7. thanx for sharing such useful tools. now i can implement more thing on my blog.

  8. Nice article. I hope your blog guide would be helpful for me. It’s great to know about many things from your website blog.

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