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Habits to Break Up by Bloggers

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In this competitive world, nowadays most of them have started blogging and everyone have started to create very precise and attractive blogs. Since the competition is becoming tough it becomes necessary to create genuine blogs that can attract more traffic.

If so, any such blog created by a beginner or even by an experienced hand must be free from even small and simple unnoticed mistakes. But a duty of a good blogger is to check all these mistakes and fix it at the right time.

What kind of mistakes are these?

And How to fix it?

Can we improve our blog by fixing these mistakes?

Yes, obviously. You can very well build your blogs if you follow the upcoming ideas:

1. Avoid checking your stats and comments 100 times a day:

As a beginner in the blogging field, it is very obvious that you will be very keen to check the comments and number of people visiting your blog every possible time. But you must understand that this not going to help you and will make you to waste your precious time. Utilize the time available in the productive things and try to check your visitors or commenters only twice a day.

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 2. Reply to Your Comments:

When people are leaving comments behind any of your post try to respond it as far as possible. Most of the bloggers do not have this habit and that’s why they will not be able to build loyal readers around them.

So, reply to any genuine comments that you can see on your post which may in turn return you with good amount of loyal readers.

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3. Inconsistency in Posting:

The most important thing in blogging field is being consistent and regular. Avoid a ‘blog hiatus’ as much as possible. Try to update blog’s post in the regular intervals with precise and genuine contents. It is a common mistake of a beginner to start publishing lot of contents in the beginning and then take a break. This must be definitely avoided since the search engine love only regularly updated blogs and contents which will in turn bring you regular visitors.

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4. Try to Acknowledge Others Contribution:

Most of them do not follow this habit of giving credit where credit is due. This means that, most of the bloggers just copy paste other’s contents and display in their own blog’s. This must be strictly avoided since there are many ways to trace back the original content from where you have got it.

Instead, if you like others post or content you can better mention the source from where you got the idea. This will not only built reputation to your site, but also actually a great way to get on your fellow blogger’s radar and use that as a starting point to network with him or her.

This issue applies especially for the images you copy from any site. Thus, make sure about the creditability before you use any picture. To avoid this problem, you can better make use of the sites like Flickr which allows you to use images that do not have producer’s content. For that, search for creative common copyrighted images.

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5. Not Proofreading Your Posts:

This is also another common mistake that the beginner can make. Proofreading is more important to check out the spelling, grammars, typos to make sure that the content is free from all the mistakes.

When your content contains any of these mistakes like typos and grammar error, you lose  the creditability and professionalism of your entire blog. Try to proofread whatever you post on your blog and do it in your leisure time when you are not in a hurry. A good way to proof read your content is to read your post aloud and do the editing along the way. It will be even better if you allow someone to proofread your contents before posting it to your blog.

Make use of the spell checker to check out the spellings.

Other such common mistakes are making use of audio-loading music as soon as the user enters the site,  using the design with dark background and light text, etc which must be definitely avoided in order to make your blog popular and working.

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