1. Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is one of the best and easiest way to make money from online. Nowadays, most of the bloggers and other business websites are using google adsense to earn money.

Little knowledge in HTML programming is enough to work with adsense program. We can use this program for our websites and blogspots to earn money.

For blogspot(i.e blogger.com), we should have to show that, our blog is alive for more than six months. After the completion of six months, we easily get the ads from google adsense. Click Here to sign up for Google Adsense.

To Sign up: www.google.com/adsense

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2. Chitika:

Chitika is a best alternative for Google Adsense. If you are having more traffic from USA and Canada, better you can use this program to earn more money. They are providing ads for websites and blog publishers. To get ads from chitika, you should have own website or blog to earn money.

Visit: www.chitika.com

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3. Infolinks:

Another great adsense alternative for website or blog publishers is infolinks. The infolink provides inbounded text links and banners for our blog or website to earn money.

Visit: www.infolinks.com

4. Odesk:

It is a best website for freelancers. You can earn more money depends on your skill. If you are having more skills, you can earn even $500 per hour. Good communication skill and written English is must to earn here.

Visit: www.odesk.com

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5. Vibrant Media:

It is similar to the infolinks and it is one of the best text ads providers for blog and site publishers. The main advantage of this site is, they provide contextual ads related to your content in the site.

Visit: www.vibrantmedia.com

6. Amazon Affiliate:

Get any kind of products from Amazon and sell it through your website or blog to earn commissions. The commission rates are depends on the product you going to sell. Recently they are also providing commissions for just referring others, just make a Sign Up Here and Make Money in easy way.

Click the Given Link for Amazon Affiliate: www.amazon.com

7. Commission Junction:

It is a product of yahoo.com, and it is similar to Amazon affiliate. But this website is having vast number of renowned companies to promote their products. We can earn money depends on our sale or lead of a product.

Visit: www.cj.com

8. Click Bank:

The click bank is popular for digital products. Here we have to get the detailed information of a product and write a review in our site or blog to earn money. The earnings from click bank is negotiable, we can earn more money from this site for promoting their products. They covers more than 10,000 number of digital products.

Visit: www.clickbank.com

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9. Qadabra:

It is another best alternative for Google Adsense. Instead of using adsense program, we can use the banner ads from qadabra. The ads are contextual related to your content.

Visit: www.qadabra.com

10. Adsplay:

It is similar to qadabra, but the ads are not contextual. The ads given by them are static; we have to choose the ad which suited best to our site or blog. They are providing good payout for the users. Both sales and leads type of ads are promoted by them. They are also supporting email marketing, if you are having a good mail list, you can easily earn more money.

Visit: www.adsplay.in

11. Vcommission:

The vcommission is similar to adsplay.in. But the difference is, vcommission supports more number of advertisers to publish their products when compare to adsplay. They are giving a reasonable payout for publishers.

Visit: www.vcommission.com

12. Megatypers:

If you are having good typing skills, then it is the best place for you. Just sign up here and type the captchas given by them. For thousand images, they are paying 0.65 cents to $ 1.05. To sign up here, you have to use the reference code. You can use the reference code: 61JV

Visit:  www.megatypers.com

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13. Virtual Bee:

The virtual bee is the best alternative for Megatypers.com. If you are not interested in megatypers, then you can choose virtual bee to earn money. After sign up, you have been checked up typing test. If you get more than 90% by typing, then you can earn money.

Visit: www.workers.virtualbee.com

14. Edomz:

The edomz is best for pop up ads. You can earn money by showing pop up windows on your site or blog to earn money. The payout is good, you can earn reasonable amount only if you are having good traffic for your site.

Visit: www.edomz.com

15. India Study Channel:

It is a best website to earn money for Indians. This is an Indian website. Here we can earn money by posting article, asking questions to others, answering others questions, commenting on articles, posting jobs etc… This site is very interesting to earn money from online. They are also integrating Google Adsense, Infolinks and Kontera of yours to your account sections to earn money from them.

Visit: www.indiastudychannel.com

16. Jokeroo:

Earn money by just click the like button and sharing the pictures and videos of others. The minimum payout for this program is $ 50. You can also earn money by uploading creative pictures and videos of yours.

Visit: www.jokeroo.com

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17. Bubblews:

It’s a wonderful website to earn money easily. Here, you have to just share your ideas anything you know to others. Depends on the views of your article, you can get money. Minimum payout for this website is $25.

18. Paisalive:

You can earn money online by just reading e-mails. It’s really amazing, you get paid for just open and reading the contents of mail. you can also receive special coupons, discounts, promotions and free passes in your own city. They are providing Rs.99, just for joining. you can easily earn regular income online through paisalive.com.

Earn upto Rs. 9,000 pm by checking Emails. Join now!

19. mginger:

Earn money by just receiving sms to your mobile. Just register your mobile number, username, password and create a account in mginger.

20. Fanslave:

Most bloggers sad about not having more fans for their facebook page. Here, Fanslave provides more fans for your page as well as you can earn money from referring “Fanslave” to others.

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21. Paid2youtube:

Earn money by just viewing & commenting on others video. It’s an easy job to do and earn money. Sign up here.

22. Spice2Mail:

Are you looking for Online Part-time jobs along with your regular job ?

1. Join Spicetomail.com for Free & Get Rs.100 as Instant Bonus!!

2. Earn Rs.500/- by Just Reading their advertisement E-mails and SMS Daily.

3. Refer your Friends & Get commission Upto Rs.300/- for your Friend’s referral too.

4. Get Your Earnings Every Week by Cheque. Its Already Over 1 Lakh Active Users Doing This …..

Join Now & START Earning immediately. Sign Up Here to earn money www.spice2mail.co.in

23. PaidViewpoint: 

It’s a great opportunity for you to earn money by just doing survey. It’s an USA based survey site, they are paying more for easy survey you finished. By referring others to your registered account, you can get $25 easily. Don’t wait to earn money, just click here and start earning money. Don’t miss this ever getting opportunity.

24. Share Cash:

ShareCash is an important online money earning site, by which you can make more money from your files. You will be get paid around $1 every time someone downloads one of your files, it may be .doc, .pdf, .exe or anything else. But a main thing we have to consider here is, the uploading file should not be copyrighted by others. Just earn money by making others to download your files.

To Register: www.sharecash.org

25. Viglink:

Viglink is an adserving program for text in your content. This program is as same as infolinks. The installation process of viglink is very simple. Just go to this website and sign up and install the coding to your blog or website. They are paying you for the clicks getting from the readers.

For Sign Up: www.viglink.com

26. CroudSource: 

In CroudSource, you can do jobs like tagging an image, writing and  editing articles, other than this you can find thousands of microtask jobs. Croud Source is as same as www.mturk.com, but the difference is, the croudsource give you some assessment(Test) before going to earn money from this. If you get passed, you can earn more money from this.

To Sign Up: www.croudsource.com

27. Swagbucks:

It’s an interesting site, by which you can earn money through short online tasks, filling polls, watching videos, playing games, searching words instead of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc search engines. By using swagbuck we can earn £25 per month. 

To Register: www.swagbucks.com

28. Gift Hunter Club:

Earn Money by watching more videos, attending polls, competitions and other short tasks. We can convert our earning through Paypal, Amazon Vouchers etc…

To Sign Up: www.gifthunterclub.com

29. TSU:

By the name itself, you can guess it, this is different from other sites. Actually, TSU is a developing Social Network, like Facebook and Twitter. By creating account in this, we can earn money by just sharing our blog posts, your ideas, images, videos etc. Also earn money by just sharing other’s information through your timeline. The process of this site is as same as Facebook. This is the payment platform that shares up to 90% of their revenue to its users.

Don’t Miss It guys, Earn Money by adding Fun.

To Create Account: www.tsu.co

30. Best Typers:

Best Typers is a leading provider of Work From Home Jobs and Part Time Jobs in India. They are offering wide range of Online Typing Jobs, Captcha Jobs, Survey Jobs, Form Filling Jobs, Article Writing Jobs etc… This is the job especially for House Wives, Retired Persons, College Students, Graduates and Part Time Job Seekers.

Sorry for the inconvenience, the best typers is not available now. Instead of this better you can try Data Entry Jobs Madurai.

To Sign Up: www.besttypers.in

31. People Per Hour: 

If you have talent in Creating Logo Designs, SEO Researched Article, adding Facebook likes, Twitter Followers, Instagram Followers, Guest Post, Web Designing, Creating Icons, Designing Business Card, Google Adwords PPC etc… Then you are at the right place.

To Sign Up: www.peopleperhour.com

32. Data Entry Jobs:

RAAM IT Solutions is a growing BPO Service provider in Madurai. They are giving an awesome opportunity for House Wives, Part Time Employees, Data Entry Operators, College Students to work at home without any investment. They are offering easy and reliable jobs like Form Filling, Data Entry, Data Counting, HTML Tagging etc… You can get your payment through direct bank deposit. Don’t miss your valuable time, just Sign Up here and Start Earning Money.

To Register: Data Entry Jobs

33. Clixsense:

The clixsense is a renowned Paid to Click Site nowadays. It was established in the year 2007 and more than 5 million users are there in this site. They are providing reliable on date payment to their workers. The minimum withdrawal is $8, after reaching this amount you can easily withdraw your payment by providing paypal, paytoo or netteller id. There is no option for direct bank transfer in clixsense. By just clicking the ads, you can earn more money from your home. They are also providing survey jobs, micro tasks, play grid etc…

To Join Here: www.clixsense.com

34. Neobux:

This is the first and best among the PTC Sites. Like clixsense, here also you can earn money through viewing advertisements, watching videos and referring this site to your friends and all. The minimum payout in neobux is $2. The mode of payment they are offering is through payza.com, to withdraw your earnings, you should have to create an account in payza.

To Sign Up: www.neobux.com

35. 2captcha:

It is an useful and reliable site for captcha typers. It is as same as the megatypers.com. The minimum payout is $0.5. You can easily withdraw your payment through paypal account. They also providing the referral option to earn more money by referring others.

To Register: www.2captcha.com

36. LeadsLeap:

Leads Leap is a renowned advertising, revenue sharing and lead generating company. You can earn some decent income from this website just by viewing the website of others. More than 80,000 Marketers and Bloggers are engaged in this well acclaimed system. This is an easy way to earn money from your home. There is no need for you to invest to start this job. It’s free to start.

To Sign up: www.leadsleap.com

37. Amazing5:

Amazing5 is an International Wealth Management Company which offering the individuals and groups to participate in exciting global investment. The main process of this company is, they receive some fund from you and multiply it. Here you have to invest your money for certain period of like 1 month or a week to get more money. The minimum amount you can invest is $20 (i.e, Rs. 1200) and you can get $31 (i.e, Rs. 2100) after a month. This is a legitimate site and it’s not a scam. Without doing any work, you can earn money according to your investment. The minimum amount to invest is $ 20 and maximum is $ 5,00,000 it’s up to you. Invest More & Earn More.

To Sign Up: www.amazing5.net

38. IndianMagz: 

IndianMagz is a multi niche site, here you can get content related to arts, entertainment, education, health, jobs, technology, gadgets, latest updates, gossips, men & women interest etc. The IndianMagz offering a great chance to earn money from your home by writing content. If you are expert in writing, you can earn more money.

For More Details: www.indianmagz.com 

39. Shorte.st:

Shorte.st is an URL shortening Europen based website, which is managed by the team of internet enthusiast. Here, there is no need for you to create any blog, don’t want to create any content, no need to click any ads, don’t want to type captcha’s etc. Without doing any hard work you can earn more money from Shorte. The work you want to do here is, just shorten your long html link (it may be anything like, facebook post, google+ images, youtube videos etc…) and share it to your friends in social medias. That’s it, you will see money flow in your account. 

To Sign Up: www.shorte.st

40. Instamojo:

Instamojo is an emerging e-commerce and one of the best payment platform. Here you can earn money by uploading the content written by you in the form of word document or pdf. If your content get approved by instamojo, you can earn more money from it. Just for sign up, they are giving you Rs. 500, don’t miss to get this amount, it might be used as your pocket money.

Visit: www.instamojo.com 

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