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4 Unorthodox Steps to Write Great Content - Classi Blogger

4 Unorthodox Steps to Write Great Content

Even though writing content may be your number one priority, if you are producing something that isn’t at all engaging, it is going to be a waste of your time. In order to produce truly great content, you have to think outside the box and create things that other people can get excited about.


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Perhaps you blog about topics that many find boring or maybe you have been blogging for a while and feel like it’s hard to find new things to say. Whatever the case may be, taking an unorthodox approach to your content creation might be exactly what you need to freshen up your content.

This article will help you to not only create great content, but also inspire and motivate your readers. Instead of talking at your readers, we are going to help you start speaking with them in a dialogue.

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#1: Be vulnerable

The best way for you to write great content is to be more vulnerable in your writing. Consider your best friendships in life. Most of them allow you to speak freely, cry, and still love you anyway, right? Vulnerability is one of the biggest keys for producing meaningful and lasting relationships. The more vulnerable you can be, the greater you are going to connect to your audience.

Perhaps your audience will have someone who has had a similar experience as you. Maybe they can empathize with the emotions that you were feeling at the time. Either way, it is going to help them to connect more deeply with you and that always yields more engagement.

Some of the best and most engaged fans are the ones that feel they know the blogger. Famed Smart Passive Income blogger, Pat Flynn, describes how people routinely visit him at conferences and express how how deeply they connect via writing alone!

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#2: Be authentic

This is synonymous with being honest, but your readers are going to trust you far more when you are authentic. These days there are so many people trying to make money through various affiliate programs online, people are skeptical before they even know you. Don’t try to sell people everything you possibly can.

Instead, be authentic with your recommendations and try to find out what actually works for you and what doesn’t. This will allow you to be objective throughout it all.

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#3: Make people upset

Great content is going to make some people extremely upset and that is okay. This is a good sign because it shows you are actually making controversial work. You are producing something that is pushing people’s edge and their boundaries. The contrast to this is plenty of people become raving fans as well.

As many people as you make upset about your content, you will make raving fans as well. Keep that in mind and you’ll have less anxiety when people complain about your work.

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#4: Don’t publish regularly

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to prioritize regular publishing of content. The reason this is so bad is because people sacrifice the quality of the content in order to make their schedule and deadlines. This usually compromises the quality of the work and low quality work is never desirable.

Instead, try to make sure each piece of content you release is the best possible thing you can produce. The more epic the production, the better it is going to do and the less trouble you will have creating great content.

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Putting it All Together

When we started writing our Nootropedia site, many of the articles included personal stories about how certain things impacted our brains. It made a big difference and that personal touch resonated with our audience right away.

Looking back on it, this was perhaps one of the best things that we could have done for improving the quality of our content: just adding more of our personality. You can do the same thing with your content if you include more about yourself.

Sometimes it will rub people the wrong way, but that is okay. If you produce mediocre content that nobody complains about, it will never reach the audience that you want. Try to incorporate these four unorthodox steps to write great content and you’ll have far more success.

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Mallory Roane is a health enthusiast interested mostly in optimizing brain health. She writes for Nootropedia, which is a smart drug and nootropics website with unbiased and accessible resources.

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