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Any blogger starting a blog will be eager to know the actual number of visitors visited each day. If he really knows that his traffic gets increased day by day he will feel encouraged with this work. Here let’s see few of such ways to find out the traffic of a particular site.

Install a hit counter:

Hit counter is a coding that you must add it to your web page. This will counts how many times the website has been visited. There are numerous ways to implement this tool. You can either install free or paid version.

Few of such Hit Counters that is available for free are:

1. Statcounter:

This is one of the widely used hit counter to track the website/blogs/ WordPress forums with simple two line codes. You do not have to pay for various number of features like Configurable counter which shows the website’s visible and hidden visible counters, recent visitor activity in your web site, Internet service provider’s status and Visitor operating system stats, visitor browser stats, etc.

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2. Histats:

This is just the same as the above with extra number of features. It provides its members with full real time statistics of blog or website. Unlimited traffic stats retention up to ten years.

3. Gostats:

This is also a free to use and simple site for hit counter. It allows to easily embed the codes to your website or blog. Additional feature is you can also export the files or reports to CSV, HTML, XML, Excel formats.

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4. Motigo:

This site allows you to watch the real time behavior of your visitor. Some additional features provided by the is that they provide unlimited history, Geographical analytics, heat map, and easy to install code.

Use Google Analytics:

The search engine giant Google provides this tool. To install this you must have Google account. This provides you with more information about the visitors like their location, browser, loyalty, etc. Initially you need to sign up with Google Analytics, and give some basic information about the site you like to monitor. Google produce a tracking code which you can use it in your blog to know the status of the visits.

To know this in detail visit: Google Analytics

(Remember you can check these details only after signing in into your Gmail Account).

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Check Alexa:

This is one of the most reputed and trusted site for checking the actual traffic. Nowadays, a site’s quality is decided by checking its Alexa rank. Just type the site you want to look for, it will provide you with all the valuable details about your site. But the only problem here is the search results are shown only for the sites that has at least meager publicity.

To visit this site follow the below link: Alexa

Google Trends:

Google Trends is another tool just as similar as Alexa. This does not provide results in numbers (ie) it does not provide number of visitors. Instead of that, it provides graphical values about the daily visitors to your blog. This tool will be quite useful for comparing side-by-side.

The same downside as the above is it does not show up the sites that does not have popularity. Information about your site can be seen only if your site is popular with huge traffic.

Visit Here: Google Trends

Feed Compare:

This is a neat tool that allows you to check the number of RSS subscribers that a website gets. It works same as Alexa which compares the web traffics. But here, instead of that RSS feeds subscriber counts. supports comparison up to four websites or blogs and you can also generate a chart as a 24 months view.

When you move your cursor over the horizontal chart, you are able to see all sites total subscribers at any time.

At last, the Final word is, every figure is the best guess unless or until the owner of the website reveals that how much of traffic he has. But however, they are good to know about your status approximately and compare yourself with others.

Additional useful tip is, if you want to check the status of your website from the multiple services at one go, then you can better visit:

Attention Meter which offers traffic graphs from the websites like Alexa, Compete, Quantcast, etc. on same page.

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