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There are a number of things bloggers can do to help promote their content and their website, and of course some are met with a much more positive reaction than others. One about which people are most uncertain is guest blogging, and of course there have been a number of credited sources in the SEO and marketing industry that have provided use with information regarding why guest blogging would be a bad practice.

However, guest blogging is not always bad, so long as you’re working with high quality guest blogging.

The Pros:

Quality Content:

So long as you are working with guest writers that care about producing unique, interesting and high quality content then guest posting can still be a way for you to receive quality content, and the only requirement is a backlink; a small price to pay for quality content.


Regardless of which end of the relationship you are on, the blogger or the guest blogger, you can benefit from the relationships you build in the process. We are always more likely to recommend and direct to something or someone we ourselves are familiar with, so having a relationship like that with other bloggers can help you yourself to become more well known in the industry.

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Content Promotion:

Guest bloggers are often eager to promote their content, even if it isn’t on their website, which means that you have someone who is willing to find places to place your link, and they do this in order to promote their content on your website, which means that they’re doing it at no cost to you.

This often includes sharing on social media pages, links in forums, promotion in comments on other blogs and other methods that help to ensure that you have more traffic heading towards your blog, and of course many will try to optimize their content to allow it to bring in traffic on its own.

SEO Benefits:

When it comes to guest blogging some will tell you that there are consequences from Google and other search engines, however if done properly guest blogging can provide you with fantastic ‘SEO juice’ as it were. Search Engines love a number of things in websites; quality content, relevant content, fresh content, authorship on content – all of these things can be fairly easy to acquire when it comes to guest blogging.

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The Cons:

Poor Content:

If you accept guest bloggers on your website then you are certain to have offers that will provide you with poor quality, unoriginal content, often from marketers who only care about getting a backlink, rather than from bloggers who want to share their content. The only way to avoid this is to be strict in your process of reviewing content.

Penalization for Keyword Stuffing:

Some guest bloggers will aim to stuff their content with keywords, hoping to rank higher for association with these words. Of course many search engines will recognize this as keyword stuffing and are likely to provide you with penalization as a result; it is important to look at the number of keywords and how frequently they are used within the article.

Suspicious Link Profile:

Your link profile refers to the number of outgoing links on your website and the number of inbound links to your website, search engines often look at this to identify areas where suspicious marketing plans might be under practice. A common practice in the past was link trading which often meant either party simply publishing a link to one another’s websites; this was so heavily penalized that even now offering a guest post exchange or promoting and article than links to your blog on your blog can lead to penalization.

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Can take away from your blog:

If the charm of your blog is that it is written from a very specific point of view, with very specific characteristics to the writing then it is unlikely a guest blogger to continue that same ‘voice’ to the blog, which means that it becomes absent from some of your content, this may be something that impacts on your readers, whether you lose some of your regular readers as a result or whether you find they simply don’t like the guest content. Guest blogging isn’t for everyone and very specific or very personal blogs can struggle to make it work for them.

So, How do you make guest blogging work for you?

  • Social Media; encourage your guest bloggers to share their content across their social media channels, rather than their blog.
  • Author Bio; encourage guest bloggers to use the authorship tags to ensure that search engines see the content as having come from a real source.
  • Limit; limit the frequency of guest blog articles being published – they shouldn’t be more frequent than posts from you.
  • Originality; the content you accept should be interesting, quality and unique. You don’t want something that has already appeared on your blog four times.
  • Guidelines; provide strict guidelines for your guest blogging, this will help to deter time-wasters and ensure that those who offer to submit content to you are more likely to provide the quality of content that would be worth posting.
  • Exploit Relationships; if you want some free and easy content for your blog during a period of time when perhaps you don’t have the time to write anything yourself then you may want to try contacting guest bloggers you have had past experience with – as you already know who provides you with good quality content and who doesn’t.
  • No Paid Links; although it can be very tempting to accept payment just for placing a link on your website these are the sort of practices that can get you completely removed from search engine rankings for extensive periods of time.

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