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Reinvent your Closet with the latest trends in Salwar Kameez - Classi Blogger

Reinvent your Closet with the latest trends in Salwar Kameez

Salwar kameez is an attire which is favoured by almost all women irrespective of caste, colour, or status. Salwar kameez can be brought from online stores where you can blend and match your most loved shading, cut, size and plan, and add it to your shopping basket, and you can go for a bother free shopping in this way. High time to revamp your closet with super stylish, modern salwar suits to add a dash of style to your persona!


Usually it is assumed that ladies are the ultimate shopping animals and women and shopping always go hand in hand, and I think assumptions are right? What say ladies?. Generally people (mostlymen)criticize that women takes plenty of time to choose even a solitary piece of material. I will say why not we are spoilt for the choices we get while buying salwar suits.

Today we are unveiling the reason behind this unsolved mystery.  The diverse range of hues, patterns, comfortability and vivid prints are some of the prominent aspects of Indian ethnic wears, especially salwar Kameez. Hence it is difficult for the ladies to make the accurate decision regarding the most perfect salwar kameez unless and until it appears to be eye pleasing and snaps to the brain promptly.

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The classy nature of Indian salwar suits is one of the hallmarks of Indian fashions due to its uniqueness as well as adaptability. With the change in designer trends the salwar kameez are also changing to jazzy toversatile. The plethora of designs of Indian salwar kameez are profoundly enlivened by the aestheticism and ethnicity of Indian traditions and customs. Their magnificence is complemented by the multifaceted works which reflects the uniqueness of Indian tradition in the most classic way.

The wide varieties, of latest designer salwar kameez is undoubtedly a treat to the eyes however you should be judgemental and cautious in choosing the perfect style which complements your body type.  The Punjabi borne Patiala Style Salwar Kameez,  elegant churidar salwar kameez with knee length  monstrously well-known anarkali suits are the some of the most popular designers which are running trendy among ladies of all age groups now a days.

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These three magnificent styles can be the perfect choice for every occasion may it be a cocktail party or a lavishing big fat Indian Wedding.   So it’s entirely upon your decision for choosing the right style, design as well as colour combination as demanded by the occasion.

So, if you are in search of the most classic style of designer salwar kameez than we are here to ease your burden and in this article we have compiled some of the traditional yet trendy styles of designer salwar kameez which will never go wrong under any circumstances.

1. Party Wear Salwar Kameeez:

Are you in search of glamorous and in vogue party wear attires?

Salwar kameez can be a descent approach in this regard. In spite of the fact that loads of western outfits have turned out to be in vogue now a days , but when comes to traditional events like marriage, festivals ,etc sticking to vintage classic attire are considered to be the most preferred choice. Glistening silk salwar kameez for party wear events have always proved to be the ideal dresses for customary events.

Women dresses gorgeously with the latest designer silk salwar kameez can add significant glamour to any event. Moreover,approaching for salwar kameez for any of the special event, ladies usually search for styles that are roused from Bollywood. Bollywood is undoubtedly the Indian fashion hub which is rightly complemented by one of the most famous Bollywood dialogue “Hum jo pehente hain wohi fashion ban jata hain” which means whatever is worn by the stars becomes the latest in vogue fashion which rightly justifies that Indian celebs are the envoys of fashion styles. 

There are a broad range of Bollywood collections of designer salwar suits available online by which you can resemble your style icon in the most lavishing way .One thing that should be kept in mind while choosing the party wear salwar kameez is the timing of the party.  If it is a night party, you can decide on conspicuous shades and ostentatious outlines. On the off chance that the gathering is planned for day time, pastel shades teamed up with minimal outlines would be perfect choice.

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​2. Patiala salwar suits: 

Patiala salwar suit are considered to be in now a day’s among the ladies specially the teens and honestly there isn’t any reason to deny the fact. India is a country which comprises of sultry days during most of the seasons and hence ladies require fashionable wear, which are elegant as well as comfortable.


Patiala salwar was one of the top Indian ethnic wears of 2016 which has labelled it as a mark of tradition. The exuberant and appealing shading is the ultimate “wow “ factor of all major and minor events and hence has definitely proved itself to be a show stealer in all events. Patiala salwar are woven out of delicate materials which are breathable and make you feel light and agreeable throughout the day. You can also upgrade your wardrobe to the richer versions of such dresses comprising of barcode or silk fabrics.

The current Patiala salwar are knee length short kurtis on a coordinating punjabi style salwar.Patiala Salwar are one of the best Indian dresses which will surely bring out the natural beauty of every women. It is designed to give a free falling appearance to your hair beneath you which is more than enough to attract the attention of any guy. Give yourself a chic contemporary look with easy breezy stylish patialas.

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3. Anarkali Suits:

Anarkali suits gained its utmost popularity when it was worn in the epic “Mughl –e- Azam “by the legendary actress Madhubala. Later on this trend of wearing Anarkali Suits were followed in many movies, the latest was worn by style icon Deepika in the film “Bajirao Mastani”. Even in small screens also the actress are seen flaunting their Accenture in designer Anarkali, may it be the household name “Pragya“ from kumkum Bhagya or the sweet innocent bahu “Akshara“ from “yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai “Anarkali dresses were once viewed as conventional and antiquated, however they have made a rebound in fashion industry and is whole heartedly adorned by ladies globally.

This type of attires usually comprises of a long gown teamed up with thin tight fitted base. This frock style full length anarkalis just look too amazing and hence women can’t get enough of these it would be wrong to quote these as “TIMELESS ELEGNACE”. Spread an aura of charm and magic with these flamboyant anarkalis.

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