5 Reasons Why Gold Pendants are More Desired-classiblogger

Gold is one of the most expensive items on Earth. There are various reasons behind this shiny metal becoming one of the most sought after materials, given that just two centuries ago, gold was not that thought about. Back then, they were truly rare and mostly owned by Royalty.

5 Reasons Why Gold Pendants are More Desired-classiblogger

From being an item of investment to becoming “a girl’s best friend”, here are the reasons why gold Pendants are more desired:


Gold merchants realized that the way to patron’s wallet is through their heart and with this agenda in mind they launched a very successful campaign. The famous “Four Cs” (cut, clarity, color, and carat) were popularized as another ploy to facilitate marketing and offload smaller golds usually used in rings and Pendants.

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“Gold is evergreen” is not just a marketing strategy but is also a true fact. Apart from its eternal shine, gold is known for their hardness and stability. They are chemically resistant to impurities and quite adjustable to the skin. People are ready to pay the price for durability when it comes to Pendants and so gold Pendants are so widely desired in spite of their price.

Wide variety of designs:

Gold Pendants, due to their wide spread market and demand, provide a large variety of designs. Latest gold pendant designs for femalestatistics show that gold pendant designs are more diverse than normal pendant designs and matter even more than silver designs. So inevitably customers are more attracted towards gold Pendants.

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It has been a tradition that no important event is ever complete without a bit of gold and people tend to cling to their traditions. Be it a proposal, a wedding, an anniversary, or even a loved one’s birthday,gold seems to add that extra charm to any event. So, rise of gold sales during wedding season is not uncommon. You could also search for a few gold bangle new designs.

Status Symbol:

From being only worn by royalty, gold has been a symbol of one’s status. The royalty notion is still imbibed in people’s minds and hence by owning a gold ring or a pendant, people seem to legitimize themselves as something close to royalty. This is the one of the main reasons why those who own gold desire more, and those who don’t own one, desire to own it one day, even if it is in a form of a tiny pendant which can cost a fortune.

So as we have seen in the above mentioned points, one can never go wrong with gold. They are and always have been an object of desire, and quite justified too. In this materialistic world, nothing is more perfect in seeking validation of one’s existence in a society, than a piece of gold.

Gold in form of jewelry is of course more popular as it allows to wear one’s status for everyone to see. As it is known that Pendants are the most popular form of ornament worn, it is no surprise that gold Pendants are more desired than any other.

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