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List of Websites Providing Transcription Jobs – Work From Home

Transcription jobs are the today’s generation jobs that can be done from home in variety of fields like medical, legal, language and other general areas. Transcriptionists are the individuals who own self business and work on contract basis. The nature of transcription jobs is converting one type of file into another one that is demanded by Hospitals or Language centers.

For example, translating hindi files to English files or transcripting voice recorded messages of Physicians into written recorded format and so on.

The demand for these transcription jobs is high and thus most of the web services have started to provide transcription solutions for private hospitals, schools, language centers, entertainment areas etc.,

In order to help the beginners, below are the list of websites providing transcription jobs.


An excellent site that offers variety of audio files (runs for two minutes) to transcript into text format. It is best suitable for beginners since this site does not need any experience to work with it. It hires from all over the world and pays $14 for transcripting per hour audio file. $2 is paid extra if you are a constant visitor. It is a genuine website which pays regularly through PayPal when your maximum payout reaches to $10.


For more than 20 years, Tigerfish is the leading site for transcription jobs. It has clients from all over the world and hence expects skilful workers to transcript their audio files. High level of thinking and good typing speed is more essential for those who wish to try this site.


It is a site from US and Canada which invites seasonal transcriptionists who can work in the fields of medical, law and other private sectors. Workers are allowed to fix their own working time, work independently and can earn handsome money maximum $3000 per month.


This is a site for those who are master of one or more languages. It provides various transcription jobs in many languages. It also transcribes medical files, legal files, voice mail files, conference calls and phone recordings. It expects workers to have best typing knowledge to type the same accurately in a given time. Experienced workers are preferred more.


It is an excellent website to earn more money if you have good typing speed. Accuracy, speed and timeliness are the important factor to be a worker of this website. It pays $1 for the transcription of every 6 minute audio file and maximum payment per audio file can also be up to $20. After the maximum payout is reached Scribie pays through Paypal.

Diondata Solutions:

Workers who can type 60 words per minute are eligible to work on this site. Projects are scheduled as pieces and candidate must be able to manage multiple projects at the same time. Workers must have excellent written and verbal communication to get qualified in this site.


It offers two different types of programs such as office based and home based employee program which allows workers to earn from home. The highlight of this website is it provides all the facilities for the home based workers just like the office works such as sick leaves, casual leaves, maternity leaves, gratuity and appraisal.

Acusis Higher Standards:

Acusis Company has been successful in the field of medical transcription right from the year of 2001. They offer two types of works such as medical transcription and medical coding through all their offices located at Bengaluru, Mysore, Coimbatore and Chennai. It recruits transcriptionists through its 7 step recruiting process which filters most talented persons for the transcription job. Acusis is expertise in providing customizable solutions to the clients in patient care documentations.


It is a home based online transcription job which has its head office at Pune. It invites candidates from India, Philippines and UAE and already has more than 1000 medical transcriptionist across the world.  Transcriptionists are expected to work for full time with EdicatateIndia after the probationary period of 30 days.

Once the candidates are selected for transcription jobs they are asked to install their software which is easy to use, customizable and also can be worked through offline. Best rates in industry and friendly atmosphere can make Edictate as a perfect place to work.


It is a Secunderabad based company which provides medical transcription jobs and can be worked from home. Along with this transcription work it also provides medical coding solutions which are used by several hospitals and physicians. Beginners can take crash course for ten days to learn the medical transcription. Then they are able to earn up to Rs.12000 initially.

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