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This is one of the best money making idea on the web. The only thing to do on this is, the person concerned to make money using the site YouTube must know to browse and how to use the site As we know, YouTube is the product of Google, which allows users to share, upload, and view videos. In addition to this, YouTube can also be used to make money creatively.

Thousands of people are cashing in on YouTube

says the Head of YouTube’s partner program, Bing Chen. Today, like never before makeup enthusiasts, music DJ’S, and people from every walk of life are making money through viewing videos on YouTube. Thus, let’s see those creative ways to make money through

Sell your own products:

YouTube is the great place to promote your product or message. You can market your own product through this site which allows you to upload and share the videos to everyone possible.

To promote your product, grab your camcorder, take a video of the product and upload it to YouTube. But, make sure while you upload your videos you must have embedded your website’s URL or site’s link which helps the visitors to refer and purchase your product.

Creative ways to make money online


Create your own tutorials on any particular topic and upload it to YouTube. Make sure that the tutorials are simple and easy to understand. For example, women called Michelle Phan, the one who creates make-up tutorials and teaches women how to purchase cosmetics. Miss Phan’s vivacious persona and sharp tutorials has made her popular with over 3 million subscribers and more than 647 million video views. She has been asked by Lancome to become their authorized video makeup artist.


Create a Series:

Just like tutorials and promoting a product, you can create your own series of episodes to attract YouTube visitors.  Just like the program called “Kids react” by the Fine Brothers you can direct your own short films, stories, and make it into a massive hit.  Since, a short film or a short interactive program can be a great calling card for a good skilled writer, it becomes more necessary to direct good and interesting short films.

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Reviewing Affiliate programs:

This is one of the easiest, fastest way to make money through YouTube. The best way to promote those products is to explain about the product features, usage method and every single details of the product in a simple language and add its URL to the description field.

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Let Your voice be heard:

If you are a good singer and if you did not get the right opportunity at the right time then you can make use of YouTube platform to expose your talents to the outer world. If you have voice with an interesting quality, tone or twist let it be heard. This can be great entry card for your valuable talents.

Become a YouTube partner:

This is a kind of program to amplify your YouTube’s experience by continuously monitoring your YouTube content for building more audiences and thus resulting with more views. You can become a member of the YouTube partner program after meeting certain criterias. Partners enjoy additional offers on the special advertising programs that run on YouTube site. In addition to this, there are lot of other benefits by becoming a member of YouTube partner program.

Start-up a YouTube competition:

This is a tricky way to attract more visitors and views for our videos uploaded.  If you can make your competition fun, exciting and with a great reward , you will be able to win many fans and get more exposure to your site or video.

Make Money Online without Investment

YouTube Rentals:

This is one of the most recent and newest ways to make money through YouTube. In this method, the content creators share the part of their content for rent and then share a portion of profit with the YouTube. This is the method which has been recently introduced and thus there is no clarification whether this service is offered for everyone or for one who has subscribed. This will be a whole new method of making money through YouTube since the users start charging rental fees for their videos.

But, however in order to make money using YouTube the beginning video maker must  always produce updated works which draws the attention of the viewers. Happily, if you are ready to take the plunge, the process of making money through YouTube is quite interesting.

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