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  1. Hi Nirmal,

    Yes, I was also surprised with the price of WhatsApp. It was awesome!
    I am also a WhatsApp user, so this really is horrendous news for me.
    The questions, what happens next to WhatsApp?
    And what will be done by Facebook with this message service?
    And you answer it in this article. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Nirmal.
    Nice share!


    1. Hi Nandha,
      Welcome to my blog. Glad you like this post. Thanks for stopping by. Always keep on reading my blog.

  2. Mark understand the market good. So money is big when it comes to expansion with such a good network.It is a good blog so other also can understand business idea that how a bull perform to roll the market.

    My regards to you Nirmal.

    1. Hi Debu,

      Welcome to my blog. Yes i agree with you. Mark understand the risk in the market. Money is always big to all, then what about mark, he is not an exception.
      Thanks for stopping by man. Keep on coming here.

  3. Hi Nirmal,
    Nice share. It’s a good move from Facebook and we can expect some changes in whatsapp in coming days.

    1. Hi Kuldeep,
      It’s nice to see your comment here. Yes, we all are expecting change in whatsapp. Thanks for stopping by and keep on coming here. Expecting lot of lot of comments, feedback and shares from your side.

  4. nice article nirmal, this is the best deal ever done by facebook according to me,

  5. Actually, this is dreadful news. Not a FB fan so anything attached to it is going to require serious watching to see what happens. It may be good financially for theWA creators and for FB, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a good thing for the users, I will expect, at some time, privacy and security issues to come.

  6. WhatsApp’s new privacy policies are insane, I don’t like it, they are trying to take people’s data I have moved on to telegram.

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