Hi readers, I want to ask you one question. If there is no comments on your blog, is it really consider as a blog?

Most of the readers give the answer as “No”. Yes it is correct.

If you are a blogger and blogging for more than four months or even a year, posting subsequent articles and not getting any comments, and then we can surely say that, your work is not good. Just, we have to think that, if a blog is not getting any comments from readers, then it may be due to, not encouraging your readers and you are not properly engaged in response to the readers.

Up to one or two weeks, my blog post never got comments from the readers. Here, I got more comments for some post and few for some post. But I wanted to get more and more comments from new visitors and from regular readers of my blog. So I decided to do some simple things to increase comments on my blog. I want to list out the things that helps me to get lot of comments for my blog.

Ask the readers to comment:

Blogging is about sharing ideas with others (your readers) and getting great ideas from others.  After getting ideas from others, it’s our responsibility to respond them. At the end of your post, always ask the readers to share their ideas about the article. Ask them to share their stories, fun, experience etc… Post the wordings like, “Please make a comment, if you like this article and Share it, if you love this article”. Don’t feel shy or irrelevant to ask the comment from readers.

Comment Others (Blog):

It means that, try to read others blog and made an effective comment for their post. You don’t need to just comment on others blog, you have to read the post of others and encourage them by dropping a comment. If you do comment on other blogs, your blog will get engaged. Here you have to understand the seriousness of making comments to others. You are having a blog, which is not having proper comments, and then what will you do? Like yours blog, more number of bloggers expecting comments for their blog. In the mean time, if you made a comment, you will surely get backlinks and better response for your post.

Make it Comfortable:

Make a comfortable circumstance for your reader as much as possible to leave a comment in your blog. If you are using wordpress, then install “Comment Luv plugin for better response from reader. Also add GASP plugin after installing comment luv. This plugin helps the reader to link (Backlinks) their website. If you are using free web services like, blogger, webstarts etc, better you can add plugin from disqus. It’s also providing an opportunity to earn money. If the comment section is easy to use, you can get more comments from your readers.

Better Response:

Be loyal to response your readers. If a reader made a comment on your post, then it is your job to give correct reply to them. If you are lazy to read a comment of your blog, then why would your readers want to read your post? Don’t be absent to interact with your blog readers. Your reply is very important to the readers. It gives a positive impression to your readers that you are always active. Keep in mind that, don’t ignore to reply your readers.

Encourage Your Readers:

There are many ways to encourage your readers. Place a “Top Commentator” section in your blog for encouraging the readers who is always active in your blog. Make a reward for good commentators. Highlight the best commentator of month or weak to encourage them. By doing this, other readers try to do more comments on your post. Pay great attention to the regular blog viewers who comments repeatedly. Visit the blog of all readers, who leave a comment on your blog and encourage them by posting comment on their blog.

Effective Writing:

Don’t be a copycat; try to provide “Unique Content” for your readers. If you know about a topic clearly, then you can post it. Otherwise don’t publish your article. Before posting an article, think about the readers; don’t care about SEO, SMO, keyword research etc… When compared to readers, these tools are secondary. If you want more comments, you have to think about your readers before publishing an article.  Create an article, if you feel good and interested.

The important thing is, if your readers really get benefit from your blog, they will surely make comments.

I think this article is surely helpful to you.

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