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7 Most Popular Open Source .NET Applications

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Despite the influx of such a huge number of programming frameworks and languages, .Net has managed to hold its ground, and instead, barraged its way through powerfully. On this date, .NET ranks among the most popular programming language in the development realm, and it continues to create giant waves of enhanced development.

This growing popularity has led to a number of professionals taking up .NET. And this further has resulted in the development of several high powered, open source .NET projects which stand as the yardstick of exceptional app development. This article brings forth some of the very best open source .NET projects:

A testing tool, this app was written by the inventor of NUnit v2. It is a highly resourceful tool that can be used to test the languages of .NET like c#, VB.NET, etc. the application boasts of excellent compatibility with a variety of platforms like ReSharper, CodeRush, etc. it is equipped with a console runner which gives you elucidatory instructions in the event a particular test fails.

Spring.NET Application Framework

Arguably one of the most popular application frameworks out there, Spring.NET makes it a breeze to develop large scale enterprise .NET applications. It offers components that are built on the patters which have been tried and tested and have a failsafe operational specification. Ensuring faster time to market and boosting the overall productivity, this framework ensures you receive highest returns on your investment.

Sandcastle Help File Builder

This is a pretty elaborative project that is an amalgamation of file builder and Sandcastle tools. The file builder is used to cover the grey areas in the applications and inject features that the app is missing out on. Microsoft had create Sandcastle back in the year 2006, and it has since then been downloaded by a large number of developers and designers. The Sandcastle tools have a great set of capabilities to boast and are thus in demand among the webmasters.


StructureMap is a Dependency Injection tool that can also be used for the Inversion of Control. This is again a very useful open source application that can be leveraged when you need greater extensibility of applications. It can also be used as a basic configuration tool and also supports a significantly large number of deployment configurations. Whenever you feel the need to introduce several configurable properties, this is your resort.


When you wish to automate feature-filled applications, TestStack/White is your best bet. You don’t need to be adept at any scripting language to use this tool.

Fluent NHibernate

Fluent NHibernate is a robust application that makes the use of C# while writing auto mappings, and it can also be used for persistence specification testing.

EasyHook for Windows API Hooking

As the name suggests, this tool can be used to extend the APIs of the unmanaged code with the ones that are managed.

Going Back to the Roots – Why.NET

Having discussed all these open source projects and their elaborative features, it is worth considering that if you can find almost the same set of features in other programming framework, why you should opt for .NET. there are however a variety of reasons that are convincing enough to endorse this platform’s use.

  • Writing the codes in .NET is a prospect much more feasible – something which is echoed by developers of all experience and skill levels. Unlike other software languages, .NET codes are shorter, simpler and much more responsive, the developers do not find themselves lost in the layers of loops and absurdly complex programming structures.
  • The extensions and add-ons you get access to using .NET is one of the biggest advantages associated with this platform. No longer do you have to struggle for embedding certain functionalities in your applications as there already are a number of extensions for the same, which means you don’t have to write codes for including them.
  • The compatibility between .NET and HTML counts further in its favor. This leads to web pages that are much more responsive and do not crash under load.
  • The .NET platform also ensures faster time to market, and this advantage also emanates from the fact that it has great number of extensions to boast of.
  • The security aspects of .NET applications ensure that hackers don’t find room to intrude and let their malicious intentions create discrepancies.

With so many applications and benefits, picking out .NET for your open source project would be a natural choice.

About Author:

Peter Milar is a highly reputed writer and a also part of the team of .NET Outsourcing India experts of Xicom Technologies. Working with them, he creates informative and full of insight posts around the .NET technology. Hire .NET Developers from Xicom to receive premium quality .NET application development.

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