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Have you ever come across the creative ways to make money online?

The creative ways that helps you to make money legitimately?

You might have come across many advertisements flashing the openings for online jobs. But do u think that every such possible advertisement really pay you?

The answer for this is absolutely “no”.

Then how to find the legitimate sites for making money?

And how to find the interesting and creative jobs among them?

If you are eagerly waiting for the answers for the above questions then you can readily find it here.  These ways are highly helpful for anyone who wishes to make money online. But remember a golden rule before stepping up into this internet jobs. This rule applies for most of the sites in the internet. And the rule is here:

“Neither of the legitimate sites will initially offer you with more money. Don’t expect to make thousands of money immediately“

Based on this rule, here are some of the sites listed below which allows you to earn an handsome of money creatively.

Let’s check out one by one:

Get paid for performing simple and easy tasks:

Using sites like you can easily get paid for finishing the simple tasks provided on its dashboard. You can easily sign up with these sites and can check out all the tasks provided. There are number of tasks such as online surveys, rewarding cash for those who are participating in the special contests, and even for playing games. To know more about this site you can also check out its forum discussion where you can find all the latest updates of cash crate.

To check out this site go to:

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Make money for regular online purchases:

It’s pretty cool when you come to know that you are being paid for the shopping you make. Isn’t it? This interesting money making idea can be tried in the websites like eBates and Mr.Rebates.

1. eBates:

This site offers more than 2000 stores worldwide including Wal-Mart, Sears, Target and many others. If you wish to purchase anything you can purchase it online and for those who buy more than $ 25 will be offered $ 10 gift card and many more exciting offers.

For more details refer:

2. Mr.Rebates:

This site is similar to the eBates except it offers for a bonus of $ 5 for signing up this site. Every possible items are available and this site makes you to save more money while shopping.

For more details:

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Freelancing pay per project websites:

There are many sites which provide smaller simpler modular tasks that can be finished within five minute duration. These are interesting sites that offer you with small modules of works and pay them accordingly if you successfully finish them.

Some of those sites are:

1. Elance:

If you are a freelance writer or freelance worker then you can choose this legitimate site which provides you with modular task with a specified time to submit. You can participate in those tasks and finish successfully and get paid regularly.

For more details visit:

2. Microworkers:

This is also a site which offers simple modular tasks like simple sign up’s in websites, writing comments to the given videos, and participating in the forum discussions, etc. Your earnings are displayed in the top right corner of your inbox and you are paid through your PayPal account which is cent percent safer.

For more details refer:

3. Associated contents:

This is an interesting site which allows you to write articles for that site and pays you not only for the article but also for the number of views you get.

For more details refer:


Thus, by following these sites you can make a legitimate handsome of money being at your home during your leisure times.

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