Top 15 Digital Marketing Must Haves Skills for Blogging Career

Top 15 Digital Marketing Must Haves Skills for Blogging Career

So, you have finally gained the courage to share your ideas with the whole wide web. No longer do you second guess yourself the minute a brilliant thought comes to mind, and you feel the push to write about it. Congratulations for making it this far.

You have purchased a domain and have set up your blog, beautifully. Well, it doesn’t feel as daunting as looking for a PhD proposal service. How do you take your blogging career to the next level? I mean many people battle with the idea of blogging for passion and monetizing their yen.

Now, a well-crafted content shouldn’t just remain unseen by the populace. You felt the nudge to put yourself out there and the need for that specific message. As a blogger how do you use your passion and combine it with digital marketing skills to boost your site?

Top 15 Digital Marketing Must Haves Skills for Blogging Career-classiblogger

Digital marketing is a field that many businesses are in need of, in this digital era. It helps you get a better understanding of the available digital channels, how they interact and how to use them to your advantage. It is essential for a person in the blogging career.

Must-Have Digital Marketing Skills

1. Writing & Editing

We just had to start with this. The number one skill to possess as you enter into the blogging world is knowing how to craft a compelling article. It is all about content marketing.Can you communicate your message in writing? You need to be able to create a great blog post that will gain traction, and also weave lousy content into a great one. You may need to use copyrighting tools, just as you would in drafting your research proposal for PhD.

2. Networking

Yes, it is true that no man is an island. We believe you have amazing things to offer to the world, but you still need a support system around you. We all do, it doesn’t matter which field you are in.

Digital marketing is an industry that grows and changes at a fast rate. You have to stay up to date with the latest trends. Surrounding yourself with people who may be better than you will help you overcome obstacles along the way and open doors you didn’t know about.

3. Email Marketing

Do you want to extend the reach of your content? Email marketing may be one of the keys to try. It is useful when you try to reach your loyal customers and also for niche targeting.

It is your way of keeping in touch with your audience. You have probably set up your signup feature with the tool of your choice, for instance, MailChimp.

It is now time to distribute your content to the contacts in your mailing list.

4. SEO Ability

As a blogger, you want the time you invest in creating content to be put to good use by making you more appealing to search engines. It is essential to understand Search Engine Optimization strategies. Depending on your niche and topic that you would like to address, you will need to incorporate relevant keywords into your content.

Gone are the days when one would just put together different keywords haphazardly, to get higher rankings. The algorithms used by search engines are continually changing. You need to keep up the pace. Consider guest blogging, and use social media marketing for link building.

5. Social Media Marketing

Many of us, if not all, have smartphones. And about a third of the people in the world are using a social media platform. In digital marketing, social media marketing is an invaluable skill to acquire and so is for your blog.

It’s not about merely posting on a specific platform. You need to identify which platform is suitable for your goals. Learn how to generate user engagement on the various platforms. Train yourself to create eye-catching visuals and more.

6. Personal Brand

For you to stand out from the numerous blogs that exist you have to bring something unique to the table. It could be voice, perspective, etc. You also need to invest in your online presence.

People will want to know the person behind the blog. It is a way to interact with your audience. It helps you in building your brand. You will need to stay active and professional.

7. Visual Marketing

Blogging isn’t just about using text to convey a message. You can leave that for your PhD thesis proposal. To increase engagement, you will have to spice up the content you make with visuals.

Studies show that visual content gets 100% more engagement. Include attention-grabbing images, infographics, etc. It is especially true for social media platforms.

8. Content Creation

Content isn’t restricted to texts only. You can include videos, audios, images, and more. It also helps break the monotony of your site. It piques the interest of your audience and increases their engagement.

Know the medium that would make a specific message to stand out and use it. Ensure that your content is engaging, on-message and professional in quality. Take video editing lessons if you have to.

9. Social Paid Advertising

Gone are the days when you could advertise for free on social media. Social Paid Advertising allows you to reach people by ensuring that your content is distributed. Now, you can’t just copy paste the same material as is from one platform to another and post.

You will have to follow the best practices for each platform. Learn how to write copy. Understand how to optimize your bid through monitoring and altering them.

10. Mobile Marketing

Many marketers were unprepared for the explosion of smartphones. When looking up for information on the internet, most times we unconsciously pick and use our phones. It calls for the need of mobile-friendly websites.

Also, search engine algorithms take the loading time of a site into account when showing the results of a search query. Ensure that your website is responsive and can load quickly.

11. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Digital marketing aids in driving traffic to a site and converting the same into customers. CRO tests your web pages, CTAs (Call To Action), and copy, to help you determine which strategy, converts best. It takes into account, the design of the website, user experience and copyrighting.

You can use Optimize to learn more.

12. HTML & CSS

You can’t say no to the chance of saving time and money. You need to familiarize yourself with the basics of CSS and HTML. You won’t have to approach a WordPress developer for aid which may not come in good time.

13. WordPress

It powers about a quarter of the sites on the web, including CNN, TED, Spotify, etc. It will help you create a simple but elegant website without needing to work with a developer. You still need to learn how to use it, its features and plugins.

14. Terminology

Your understanding of the industry jargon goes a long way in understanding how various elements work. Get comfortable with the acronyms used in the world of digital marketing, including SEM, PPC, SEO, etc. It puts you in a better position when analyzing the efficacy of your marketing strategies.

15. Viral Marketing

What makes a material go viral? Though this shouldn’t be your number one goal, it is still an important one. Learn how to create content using any media that will gain you traction and gain exposure for your website. Check out the sites such as BuzzFeed that are already doing it.


The outlined digital marketing skills are critical for anyone who hopes to succeed in the blogging world and not just a preserve for the digital marketing career. Whether it is determining your conversion rates, or coming up with strategies to drive traffic to your website; we’ve got it covered.

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