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5 Significance of Technology for New Generation

A study by the Institute of Modern Media (MOMRI) showed that contrary to common stereotypes, many professional psychologists agree that mobile games and development applications are useful for children, especially if they are developing, interactive. The main thing is to follow certain rules.

5 Significance of Technology for New Generation-classiblogger

1. Introduce the kid to gadgets

Calmly tell a 1.5 or 2-year-old baby about a mobile phone and tablet, as well as how to tell about other subjects (pans, pans, clothes, books, etc.), explain their purpose. Do not form a child in the image of the “forbidden fruit.”

2. Give children gadgets starting from 3-5 Years old

Up to 3 years it is not recommended to give children gadgets, since from 1 to 3 years the leading activity in the development of the child is objective activity, and the parent needs to create for the child a rich and diverse sensory environment with which the baby actively acts: touches, sniffs, licks. It is she who is the most important prerequisite for the formation of an internal plan of action and mental development.

The mastery of the speech of the baby also stems from the need for communication with the adult and the need for the subject to be called. Children will live, work, relax, communicate using gadgets. But in order to use them wisely, you need to go through a preliminary development path.

From the age of three the child starts a new stage of development – socialization. From now on, we can begin to teach children how to interact with gadgets. If parents completely deprive the child of access to the tablet, mobile phone, sooner or later he will face them in full, and if he was not “vaccinated”, it will be hard for him to settle.

For preschoolers and junior schoolchildren, the tablet, phone, computer is a good field for joint games, with preset from the outside and the rules observed by all participants. Knowing games, gadgets allows a child to go out and keep in touch with other children until they can build these relationships without using them.

3. Choose the best – participate in the selection of age-appropriate children and useful games

The correct content of the mobile game, as well as the cartoon or the book will have a positive impact on the child, promote his learning and development. Therefore, it is important not only to monitor the time the child spends on the screen, but also carefully select the appropriate applications.

Participate in the choice of mobile games, learn the description of the developers, see the screenshots and discuss all this with the child. Watch how the child plays, ask, difficult or easy for him. Pay attention to the graphics, the pace and sound of the game. If possible, go ahead and give it to the child before giving it to the child.

4. Play mobile games with children

Joint games are different from the usual co-leisure, such as walking, reading or board games, but are significant and valuable. In the mobile game you can learn a lot about your child, his ideas, behavioral characteristics. You can help the child learn new skills, gain knowledge, teach to cope with unfamiliar situations, achieve victories and adequately accept defeats.

A child under 7 years of age has not formed an arbitrariness – the ability to own and manage their functions. Without parents, a child, without a sense of time, will not be able to “get out” from an exciting game on time. As the child realizes what and how he does, his functions become arbitrary. Arbitrariness in the child’s behavior is manifested in the fulfillment of requirements, specific rules. Help the child.

5. Stand on the path of reasonable restraint

With respect to mobile games, there must be rules clear to the child, regime moments, as well as with respect to sleep, food, walks, etc., set by parents. Children under 10 years can spend at the screen, including, TV, tablet, mobile phone up to 1,5-2 hours of leisure time per day. Given the physiological characteristics, the recommended time for children to mobile games:

  • 3-4 years – no more than 10-15 minutes 1-3 times a week;
  • 5-6 years – up to 15 minutes continuously 1 time per day;
  • 7-8 years – up to 30 minutes 1 time per day;
  • 9-10 years – up to 30-40 minutes 1-3 times a day.

Parents, taking into account the individual characteristics of their child, age, state of health, the regime of the day and week, can choose the most suitable time for the game and tell the child about it, negotiate with him about the rules of the game. It is possible, for example, a mode when a child plays at home, or vice versa on the road. It is important that it is a system.

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