Thanks to the technology and inventions on Solar power. Yet it is hard to believe, a new invention has come up with solar energy to charge our mobile phones. Solar Mobile Charger is one of the most amazing latest inventions that has become an incomparable thing due to its salient features.

There are several advantages in this charger when compared to the normal conventional chargers. At first place, energy gets saved when we use the solar chargers. This works by converting the photons in the photosensitive cells into electrical current when exposed to the sunlight. This means that the solar charger draws the energy from renewable resources and produces no wastage. Its eco-friendly, small and portable and you can carry it anywhere, provided you have access to the solar power.

This device has become more popular among the outdoor enthusiasts who cannot charge their mobiles when they stay out. But now, they find it easy to charge their mobile phones without having to fetch any electrical outlet. In addition to this, it also helps to save the electricity cost that may come in long run.

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It is also economically best since it requires only little money for initial buy and then it is practically free. The Solar charger does not require much maintenance and they work efficiently for a longer time period. Besides that, since these chargers are from solar power they are more reliable and longer lasting than any other source of energy. It emits zero pollution and it is highly recommended in reducing global warming and green house effect since it is totally environmental friendly. The solar mobile charger also operates quietly without contributing to noise pollution.

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Types of Solar chargers:

Different types of solar mobile charger have been introduced in the market that can be used with all types of mobile phones.

The types of solar chargers that are available now in the market are:

Mini solar mobile chargers:

This is the world’s smallest solar charger equipped with three LED lights for night time travel. It can charge all your digital items like iPod, mp3 players, and digital cameras. You can also connect this charger to the computer USB line or even to the AC adapter regardless of placing the charger in the direct sunlight.

Rechargeable portable Solar Mobile charger:

This charging device also has the same features as the above charger except it is high in power and capacity with built-in lithium batteries.

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Rechargeable Portable Solar charger with dual output ports:

This solar charger is same as above except it has dual output ports and single input port.

In addition to this, there are also other different solar chargers available in various ranges and brands. Moreover, these solar chargers are also available in two categories like the charger with built-in battery and without built-in battery

Those chargers which have built-in batteries can store the sun power for later use whereas those without built-in battery cannot. This is the most significant difference that one should note while purchasing the solar chargers. However, you may use the built-in charger at home to save electricity whereas the charger that doesn’t have battery inserted can be used at the spots that are always sunny.

Since today, mobile devices have become a major part in our life it becomes necessary to be updated of the latest trends and technologies. Solar mobile charger is the recent mind-blowing invention which helps to keep our mobile phones charged at every possible time. It vastly helps to provide your mobile phone with emergency current when you run out of power.

Thus, Go green round the clock and Stay green with these eco-friendly products.

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