Are you interested in creating a blog using

If yes, then here is the step-by-step guide to create a “Blog” using Before going to create a blog, you have to know the answer for,

What is is a product of the “Tech Giant” Google. It is free to use and it is a blogging platform of google. There are lots of products and websites maintained by Google Inc. is one among the important product of google. By using this blogger, we easily share our thoughts to others. We can share the things like,

  • What’s happening in your life?
  • What are the Current Events occurring in your District, State, and Country etc…
  • About your Bio-Data.
  • About your studies.
  • You can share your working experience in your office.
  • You can share about your life, your loveable person’s, about mom, dad, children’s etc…
  • You can share your knowledge about your Engineering degree, Graduate, Profession, hobbies, skills, interested games, etc…
  • You can share about technology, gadgets, politics, cinema, gossips, etc…
  • If you know more about computer or mobile phones, then you can share your thoughts here.

Advantages of

  • We don’t need to buy a domain or hosting services to run our blog.
  • It is user friendly.
  • Very easy and simple to use.
  • We can easily customize the designs.
  • Easy to share and publish our content or article.
  • Domain name and hosting is free of charge.
  • Updating images and videos are easy to go.
  • We can earn money by posting affiliate products and ads.
  • Getting friends and creating community is easy with this.
  • We can get more friends
  • It supports most of the languages in the world.
  • One simple id is enough.
  • is integrated with mobile phones; we can update our contents on the go.
  • It supports third party applications.
  • It supports SEO.


  • We can’t upload our pdf files or any other documents.
  • The default templates are very less.
  • Other free download templates are not comprise with this.
  • There is no password protection or security for our posts.

Step-by-Step guide for creating a “Blog”

Step 1:

Create an account in

Gmail Account

Step 2:

Log in to your Gmail account.

Step 3:

Open a new window and type


Step 4:

It’s automatically log in to If not, use your gmail username and password to log in.

Step 5:

After logging in to, it will display likes below image,


Step 6:

Click “New Blog” button, enter your blog “Title”, “Address” and Select your desirable “Template”.

This is the important step while creating your blog, because we have to give title and address careful. The address given here should be, purely depends on your niche.

Step 7:

Your have created a blog. And it appears like below,

Step 8:

Now select “Start Posting” and post your article.

Step 9:

After giving “Article Title” and “Article Content”, click the publish button at the top right.

Step 10:

Now your blog is ready to go on. That’s it.

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