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Easy Ways to Get More Visitors to your Blog

10 Reasons Why Visitors Aren’t Staying Long On Your Website

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If you are struggling to turn site visitors into loyal customers, and your analytics show dismal bounce rates and a short length of stay, then you might be right to ask what you can change about your website. Here are ten of the most common reasons why visitors leave a website quickly (and don’t return).

1) You aren’t wowing them with your brand

Every website needs a strong brand that accurately reflects you and your business. Have a look at your homepage and write down the first 5-10 descriptive words you associate with it. Now look at those words. Do they really reflect your brand?

2) It isn’t obvious what you do (or sell)

One of the most common errors on website homepages is that they pick style over substance. You need to make it clear to visitors – within seconds of landing on your website – exactly what your business is about.

3) You look like every other website in your industry

Is your website boring?

Does it lack personality?

Ask yourself honestly if you’ve created a website because you’ve seen competitor sites in a similar style. You need to stand out, so inject some individuality into your design.

4) You aren’t communicating your message to your customers

If a friend were to ask you about your business and why it’s great, what would you say? Can you say it in a single sentence? That is the message you want to display on your homepage. This is more than telling people what you do; it’s about telling people why you do it.

5) You don’t have an opt-in

You need to give visitors the opportunity to sign up to your newsletter, otherwise they will probably not return (even if they like your business). Add a sign up form to a prominent area near the top of your website, and use a freebie or offer to entice visitors into giving you their email address.

6) You have too much information on your homepage

Less is more when it comes to homepages. So if your website looks cluttered, strip it back to the bare minimum. Do you really need to list dozens of product categories on your homepage? Do you really need all that corporate information? If it’s not a must-have, then remove it.

7) You don’t offer visitors something exciting

When a visitor discovers a new website, their first thought is:

What’s in it for me?

Give your visitors something to entice them. This could be a discount on their first order, a freebie, or something else of value. The more tempting your offer is, the more your visitors are going to respond positively to it.

8) You are trying to appeal to too many different customers

Visitors want to know that a website is suited to them. Don’t try to appeal to everyone. If you are selling maternity wear, make it clear on your homepage that you offer stylish clothes for moms-to-be. Whilst it may seem obvious, spelling it out goes a long way to connecting with a new visitor.

9) Your website is slow

If your website isn’t built to an optimal standard and runs slowly, visitors will leave. So if you suspect you have a speed issue, get some technical help. The majority of problems are easily resolved.

10) Your website doesn’t work on mobile devices

Have you tested your website on tablets and smartphones?

Many people use these devices to browse the web, and the numbers are growing every day. If your website doesn’t cater for these visitors, you are missing out on potential sales.

So if you are struggling with poor website statistics, start with these 10 points and ask yourself honestly if your website is really up to scratch. These changes don’t cost a lot to fix, but they can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

About the Writer: 

Lauren Lambieis founder of supporting other aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to start their own businesses.

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  1. The main reason they aren’t stay long on your website because they search on the internet for the needed information and when visit to your site, there’s nothing to read and useless.

    1. Hi Alize,

      I agree with you, people using the internet to get the information what they need. If they didn’t get anything from a particular site, they will leave. This is one of the reason for not staying long.

      Thanks for dropping your comment. Keep coming.

  2. Hi Anandh

    Very valid reasons you mentioned in this wonderful post fully justifying why people don’t stay for longer on a blog.

    Staying long means more chances of a visitor to convert into a regular subscriber. In this age of stiff competition in blogging the only viable traffic is regular subscribers because no other source is that much reliable including organic one because it takes seconds to nosedive a page rank of blog posts.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post.

    1. Hi Muba,

      Happy to see your comment after long time.

      Nowadays, getting traffic from subscribers is the genuine one, yes it’s true. A reader can subscribe to our blog/site only if they get needed information. So it’s our duty to satisfy all the readers who come to our blog. If not all the readers, we can just try to satisfy the readers from particular niche.

      Keep coming Muba.

  3. One other thing I think is important is good internal linking with enticing reasons to click! I’ve been going back over my old posts and adding new/better links a la Wikipedia recently. Seems to worrk so far!

    1. Hi AJ,

      External linking works better, but we can’t say, it always works better. Because, if our blog is having good enough ranking in alexa and not marked as a spam by other sites, external links works well otherwise it might be difficult to get traffic.

  4. Hi Anandh ,
    This is Very Interesting Article , and Great Information , Good Reasons Visitors , Staying Long Website , i agree with You , Awesome and Wonderful , Tips , and Informative Post , I like it , You are Great Writer ,
    Thank You Very Very Much For Sharing me , Keep it up , Good Job ,


  5. When it comes to attract readers and keep them on a blog or website for long time then design, content and trend play important role. Design attract visitors, content make them stay on site and catchy post title make them go on more pages. Just need to make sure that when creating content focus more on readers rather than search engine.

    1. Hi Gaurav,

      Yes i agree with all your points. To attract our readers, we have to concentrate on all the major things like design, content, post title, seo, smo, email marketing etc… A hand is not fulfilled without fingers.

      Anyway thanks for your comment. Keep coming.

  6. Hi Anandh,

    Getting visitor is an easy task when it is compare to making visitor to spend more time on the page or blog.

    All the reasons are indeed valid and I appreciate your solution for every reasons. It was really use for me.

    Thanks for sharing with us! Have a great day! 🙂
    >SK Lohar

  7. It is correct that the relevant images make the blog interactive. I found all the 9 ways important to create a good blog. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Actually i was looking why i am having high bounce rate and i have got that this may be because my website look almost same to my competitor and if still the problem persist then i am going to visit the blog again.Thanks author for providing me such useful information.

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