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Why You Need to Leverage Cloud Solutions for Your Business

The 21st century has brought us a lot of innovations. From the cars with incredible capabilities to the ground-breaking medical services fused with technology and the internet, you cannot but be wowed. With the internet, one of our many innovations, there are several impressive things. One of those things is the Cloud.

What is the Cloud?

Contrary to the misguided opinion of a select few, the cloud, in this context, isn’t a fluffy white ball of air and moisture in the sky. It is a collection of servers or computer resources that are made available for storing data and increasing your computing power.

Put simply, unlike pieces of hardware that are physical and can get bulky, the cloud is merely a set of remote computer resources where your information is stored in, and you can perform specific tasks. It comes in different data sizes and is sometimes purchased.

Cloud solutions, like those provided by IT Services Sunshine Coast, are basically computing services provided by means of a cloud. They are essentially solutions to problems provided by using the cloud for your computing needs.

Why do you need cloud solutions for your business?

Apart from all the other ways, this innovation could be helpful like backing up your data; for example, it is especially helpful in boosting your business. Now, having understood the definition of cloud and cloud solutions, here are a few reasons you need to leverage them for your business:

  1. It saves money

When it comes to data storage, you could either invest in hardware, or you could save your information online, on the cloud. The issue with using pieces of hardware is that, like almost every other thing that is physical, they would get spoiled eventually. When they do, you would need to change them. This would be extraordinarily cumbersome if your company needs to store a lot of information.

Take, for example, you are a large scale Financial Technology company, and you need to store information about your millions of customers. These pieces of information include pictures, names, numbers, codes, personal details, etc. It would be a lot more cost-effective and would even reduce risks if you save that data on the cloud.

  1. Increased security/reduced risks

We live in a world where data is worth more than gold, so much so that companies and organizations pay millions of dollars in cash just to acquire that data. Those who cannot pay for it would simply go-ahead to acquire it through “other means.” Believe it or not, industrial espionage is very real.

Now, let us assume that you recently conducted a nationwide survey. The survey is to figure out which marketing strategy is the best for a new product your company is planning to push out. You have information on several million people that is sure to help you create that marketing strategy, which would, in turn, lead to more sales and, consequently, more money. You could choose to save the data on a piece of hardware that could get lost or stolen by a competitor, or you could save it on the cloud. If it is on the cloud, especially one with tight enough security, it will take a ridiculously large amount of skill and expertise to hack into it and get your data.

Cloud gives you security because it keeps every eye but yours away from the information. It reduces risks because, since the storage space is virtual, it is much less likely to get damaged.

  1. Collaborations

Cloud solutions not only allow for the storage of data but also allow you to make collaborations on projects together with other experts in your field of work.

By using the cloud, you would not necessarily need to assemble your team of experts in one room to work. Whatever work needs to be done on a project can be carried out online. To make things better, the work can be done in real-time too.

This means that whatever is being edited can be seen immediately it is being done. A project developer would not need to go through the stress of saving, presenting, and then having to delete because it has hiccups. This is both time-saving and cost-effective.

  1. Satisfied employees

As stated earlier, the cloud allows for people to work from their locations of convenience. By being allowed to work that way, using the cloud, they would likely be a lot more satisfied with their jobs. This is so because they would no longer need to spend so much money on transport and whatnots to and from the physical office.

To make things better, when employees are satisfied with their job and working conditions, they are more likely to be productive. Increased productivity leads to increased revenue.

  1. Ease of reaching new market

Imagine that your physical office is in Washington, D.C., and you are trying to reach a new market that is all the way in California. Under normal circumstances, you would have had to rent an office space for, perhaps, thousands of dollars. Afterward, you would need to furnish the office, depending on the deal you got.

However, with cloud, you can easily set up a virtual office based on your existing cloud structure for about a hundred dollars per month, hire a few people to work remotely and boom, you are good to go.

In conclusion

The internet today brings a lot of possibilities. Some of those possibilities, like cloud computing, can and will provide great solutions for your business. All that you need is the willingness to take advantage of them.

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