In 2020, the markets of several industries are saturated and the competition continues to grow. You just have to think about the retail industry, where it is now possible to get everything you want instantly, at a lower price, without even having to get out of bed.

Some niche industries have a completely saturated market that is virtually impossible to penetrate. It is because of this growing competition that it becomes more difficult for companies to stand out from each other and survive.


Today, consumers are looking for experiences, emotions, exclusivity and want to get involved. They no longer buy a product or a service, they seek to develop a relationship with a brand. They live the experience that the brand promises them. The image that a brand gives off often makes the difference between a company that survives and one that is overwhelmed by the competition. In addition to buying the products or services of a brand, consumers also buy its values ​​and its vision. It is crucial that your brand image is powerful, but above all, it must reach your target customers.

This is why we are listing the 4 essential reasons for having a strong brand image that speaks to your consumers.


Brand awareness is roughly defined by the ease with which a consumer recognizes a brand, whether by its logo, its slogan or even the colors that represent it. How would it be possible for consumers to recognize a brand if it has no face?

The brand image of a company represents its personality and its face. It is defined by different characteristics, such as its appearance, colors, logo, slogan, values ​​an, d vision. A company with a strong brand image will definitely have more powerful brand recognition than those with no defined brand image. It is therefore essential for a company to have a strong and defined branding in order to sneak into the consciousness of consumers.


How does your brand image affect consumer confidence in your business? We always tend to trust people we know better. This principle is also true when it comes to talking about brands. We trust renowned brands simply because we know them or because we have heard about them. If a company does not have a defined brand image, how is it possible for consumers to believe in its products or services?

A company with a clearly defined brand image leads consumers to believe that the company is seasoned and well established. It inspires confidence, interests the targets to try its products or services, but also invites other companies to collaborate with it since they gain from associating. The more a brand is recognized by its market, the more it will hold power in this one.


To stand out as a company and considering that countless companies offer the same products or services, it is crucial to offer it’s market a proposal that differs from that offered by its competitors. This is why a strong brand image allows a company to distinguish itself from others by its personality, its colors, its values ​​and all that composes it. Consumers will tend to go to a company with a strong brand image that they feel challenged by. The branding becomes an added value for a company since it allows its consumers to identify with the essence that gives off the mark.


What explains why we develop a feeling of belonging to certain companies? We maintain a relationship with our favorite brands, we share their values, their vision, their message. We recognize ourselves in the image they offer us. The image of a brand has a great influence on the purchasing behavior of its consumers, whether they are aware of it or not. As mentioned above, current marketing is now mainly based on the relationship between a brand and its consumers. All the more reason to support the importance of having a strong brand image that speaks to its consumers. The more a company maintains a good relationship with its market, the more loyal it will be.

Without personality, a company has nothing more than another offering the same products or services. What makes it unique is its brand image!

Here is a summary of the positive impacts that a clear brand image has on the mind of an audience:

Your customers

  • They will thank your authenticity and become more associated with your brand.
  • The trust they place in you will translate into greater commitment.
  • By recognizing themselves through your values, they will want to bond with you.
  • You will differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Your suppliers

  • They will know what to expect when doing business with you and will have no unpleasant surprises.
  • They will benefit from associating with a brand that exudes credibility.

Your current employees

  • Their actions will be consistent with your vision.
  • They will be proud to be your ambassadors.

Your potential employees

  • They will be able to quickly assess whether your corporate culture is aligned with their values.
  • Your credibility will encourage their consideration: they will consider your business as an interesting opportunity for advancement.
  • A new brand image has the power to change their perception in a positive way.

The brand image of your company must match what you offer, otherwise, it will only affect its performance. If you take the trouble to promote your offer through marketing strategy, you must do the same for your business.

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Vikram Rana is Marketing Manager at LiftnGift and has served as the Head of Conversion Marketing at Planet Web Solution. He’s an expert in inbound marketing and lead generation.

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