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Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, yet everyone can improve their skills if they want to. Whether you are a native speaker or a language learner, grammar can be tough to master. Luckily, online tools made grammar editing and spellchecking accessible to all. Don’t hesitate to use them! Making mistakes is only human. Even well-known writers have editors and proofreaders who double-check their work.

Without further ado, here is a list of five best online tools you can rely on to improve your grammar and writing style.

1. Grammarly

This is arguably the most popular grammar checker on the web. Grammarly offers an online editor and free browser extensions which are well-matched with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers. Besides, it is available as applications for Android and iOS devices and as a Microsoft Office add-on. Its free mode gives access to quite robust functionality with 150 types of mistakes,including grammar, punctuation, contextual spelling, sentence structure, and writing style.

Subscribing to Grammarly Premium with a monthly or annual fee will give you access to more precise editing, such as style- and context-appropriate choice of words and suggestions on improving engagement of your text – adding up to 250 varieties of writing mistakes. Moreover, you will be able to set a topical domain for your text: business, general, casual, creative, technical or academic. No need to buy research paper any longer – now you can write it yourself from scratch.

Both versions will enable you to select among American, British, Australian, and Canadian English.

2. White Smoke

This tool lets you check your text for mistakes and generates a report, which you may use to boost your writing. The file has a rating that is awarded based on various factors, such as vocabulary, sentence structure, phrases, redundancy, and length. Furthermore, White Smoke points out the particular areas that need improvement.

It is unanimously regarded as one of the best solutions for checking grammar, spelling, and syntax while composing in real-time. It means that you no longer have to cut and paste your text from one application to another to look for mistakes. It’s also possible to use the tool to edit content while writing anywhere online.


Every writer seeks to establish a connection with the intended audience. Otherwise, what’s the point in writing?It is important to note, however, that your writing may be grammatically correct but fall short in readability, which means the text is difficult to wade through and understand.

Readability Score tool proves your text for satisfactory composition and format and gives suggestions on how to make it more readable. Moreover, it takes into consideration the vocabulary used in your writing, which is particularly importantfor texts intended for younger readers.

4. Paper Rater

It is by far one of the most famous spell-checking tools, which you can use for plagiarism checks. Paper Rater can be used free online. You do not need to make any installations or downloads. Additionally, the grammar and proofreading tool has millions of files stored on its servers, thus enabling you to conduct an efficient search. It compares the inserted text fragment to the ones already inside the system to help you avoid even unintentional plagiarism.

Lastly, since it identifies copyrighted texts and published works, it will save you from the embarrassment of someone claiming that you presented their creations as your own. Yet, to maximize the use of their services provided, you might want to consider going for the premium plan.


This is an essential tool for any English writer because it helps in building your vocabulary. Sometimes you need a word with a particular meaning, but no word you know seems to fit. gives a wide choice of words and phrases to make sure that the writer expresses his or her ideas as accurately as possible. It has an impressive collection of antonyms and synonyms, which can be beneficial in improving your English writing vocabulary.

Additionally, is a great help if you want to polish up your style and make your writing lean and concise. The online tool warns you about phrases that are tired and overused to make sure you keep away from them.

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