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Syllabus to go through for Civil Service Aspirants - Classi Blogger

Syllabus to go through for Civil Service Aspirants

Syllabus to go through for Civil Service Aspirants

If you are an eligible aspirant, it is possible to attend the UPSC exams for six times. The UPSC or civil service exam consists of three stages. It takes about one year to complete the entire process. There are numerous top 10 IAS coaching centres in Chennai, which offers next-level coaching to help the candidates in clearing the exam.

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Phase 1: Preliminary exam is usually conducted by the UPSC between May and June. You will get results by August.

Phase 2: The main exam is conducted around November. You will get results by February or March.

Phase 3: Interview for UPSC is conducted between March and April and the final results will be shared before the forthcoming preliminary exam. 

Exam pattern of Preliminary examination

The preliminary exam can be considered as a selection test. Through this test, the candidates are selected for the second stage that is the main exam. 

There will be two objective kind papers in the Preliminary Exam. It will have multiple-choice questions. The total score of this paper is 400 marks. Two hours will be allotted. Each paper will be for 200 marks. Blind candidates will be offered an additional 20 minutes per paper. 

As it is a basic qualifying exam, the marks you are getting through this test will not be used for the final order or to find out whether he/she is eligible or not.

If the candidate answers wrong answers to the question, there will be reduction of marks that is one-third of the marks for that particular answer. When you answering the objective type questions, you need to ensure to give only the right answers. Wrong answers mean minus marks. It is recommended to use only ballpoint pen of black color for marking and writing answers in the answers sheet or OMR sheet. The candidates are not allowed to use ink pens, pencils or other color pens. 

The question paper will be shared in both Hindi and English languages. 

Since 2011, there has been a major change in the syllabi and the main focus has been shifted to analyze the candidate’s comprehension skills and analytical abilities instead of the capacity to just memorize. At present, the preliminary exam of civil services is popularly referred to as CSAT or civil services aptitude test. However, the official papers are known as General Studies Paper 2 and General Studies Paper 1.

Syllabus of civil services prelims

 The below-listed topics will be covered in both papers. 

Paper 1– Two hours (Duration) – 200 Marks

  • Current events of international and national importance
  • India National Movement History
  • World and India Geography- Economic, Social, Physical, Geography of the World and India.
  • Indian governance and polity- Panchayati Raj, Political System, Constitution, Right Issues, Public Policy, etc.
  • Social and Economic Development, Poverty, Sustainable development, social sector initiatives, demographics, etc.
  • General problems on ecology of the environment, climatic change and biodiversity. It is not required to be specialized in a subject.
  • Also general science.

Paper 2– Two hours (Duration) – 200 Marks- This is one of the important papers as it is considered for qualification. The candidate should get at least 33% to qualify. 

  • Interpersonal skills like communication skills
  • Comprehension
  • Analytical ability and logical reasoning
  • Problem-solving and decision making
  • General mental ability
  • Data interpretation such as data sufficiency, tables, graphs, charts, etc. – Class 10th level. Basic numeracy such as numbers and their associations, orders of magnitude- Class 10th level. 

Exam pattern of the main exam

Written exam

There have been certain changes since 2013 and it was launched to the scheme and pattern of the main examination- civil services also. 

The changed and new scheme of UPSC main exam focuses to find out the complete intellectual capability and also the level of accepting of candidates instead of just memorizing the information. 

There will be two qualifying papers in the main exam and seven papers counted for merit. So, there will be a total of 9 papers with essay kind questions. 

Qualifying papers 

Paper A– 300 marks- The candidate has to choose one Indian language which is present in the eighth agenda to the constitution. 

Paper B – 300 marks – It will be in English and Indian languages. 

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