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Stats to Prove You Need a Local SEO Strategy - Classi Blogger

Stats to Prove You Need a Local SEO Strategy

Most of the products and services are now readily available online, and with the rapidly increasing online space and benefits, it is easy and must for a business have an internet presence. Thus, figuring out a local business online would help you run your smallest errands in no time. People are increasingly heading to their favorite search engines to get the address of the closest business/shop they could access.

However, it is also easy for businesses to be lost in this place – if you are one such business who is trying not to get lost – this article is for you.

As a solution to this, it is deemed best for companies to invest in local SEO. In this way, local leads can find you, and it would be easier for them to reach you.

Thus, here is a list of stats that are going to prove that the local SEO strategy is your ultimate go-to option and is going to help you scale heights that you had not even imagined.

1.   The number of Google searches for local businesses:

Did you know that out of all the searches that people run – 46% of them are trying to lay hands on local business ( It is about time you reckon that you are missing out on valuable traffic by not subscribing to a local SEO strategy. This is an opportunity for you to lay hands on leads that will help you gain a way forward on a larger scale.

2.   The relationship between local searches and visits to the store:

Around 50% of the people who do look up a store online – would visit the store (  That would lead to an increase in the footfall that your shop sees regularly. These people are also more likely to purchase something because they have come all the way to visit your store.

3.   The increase in purchase:

As a corollary to the statement that has been made above – it has been found that around 28% of the people who conduct local searches will lead to a purchase ( Thus, there is a certain amount of local conversions that you are missing out on. If people know that the location that they are targeting is close to them – then they wouldn’t think twice before making the purchase.

4.   Increase in conversion rates:

It has been found that 80% of the local searches are going to generate conversions for you –thus, you should adapt to local SEO strategies.(  Because if you want them to choose you – you must put in something powerful in place, right?

5. Unclaimed Google My Business Listings:

When you have decided to put a local SEO strategy into place – you must claim your Google My Business listing. In that way, you would be able to drive more traffic on your page and to your store. However, more than half of the businesses (56%) have forgotten to do so. This means that you are missing out on a critical component of a successful SEO strategy.

6.   Increase in the “near me” searches:

According to the stats, it has been understood that people often tend to use the keyword near me whenever they are looking to run an errand. This keyword has seen a 500% increase in usage – which in itself signifies that the location of the business is an essential component to the companies.(

7.   The uptick in the number of voice searches being conducted:

In the recent past, the number of voice searches being carried out by the user has increased by 55%. ( This is yet another opportunity for you to optimize your business by adapting to relevant voice search measures.

8.   Smartphone searches are the most vital:

I am sure all of us are aware of the increase in the amount of smartphone usage in the world. An increasing number of people rely on Google to search for relevant material, and the easiest way to do so is by using a smartphone. 76% of the people who have run their searches on a smartphone would visit the store within a day.( This drop hints for us to make the website responsive, and it makes it reliable in every way possible.

9.   Reviews are a critical success:

Reviews are one way that customers understand whether the business they are reaching out to is reliable or not. 91% of the people who hail from the age group 18-34 are positively influenced by positive reviews.(  The better your local SEO strategy – the more people are likely to find you and rate you. So it is best for you to implement something of the sort as soon as you can.

10. The online presence a must:

Before visiting a business – people tend to check the online presence of the company. Around 97% of the consumers do so, and if they cannot find something on those lines – they immediately hit the “close tab”.(  Thus, a local SEO strategy is going to help you maintain your online presence, which is going to help build the first impression people have of you.

11. The number of searches for local businesses:

There are around 29% of people who tend to look up local businesses online every week. (, this niche must be filled as soon as possible because you wouldn’t want to miss out on such a remarkable opportunity that is going to help you in the longer run.

12. Google searches related to location:

There are 30% of Google searches that are carried out to figure out the site of a particular entity.( There is a high probability that this entity is none other than your business itself. Thus, you should strengthen your online presence and equip yourself properly before you falter or lag.

These stats are a reflection of how important it is for you to set up a local SEO strategy because it is going to help you generate traffic, increase customer loyalty, the profits you earn, and the presence that you have in the market.

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