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Most important apps for Women’s safety - Classi Blogger

Most important apps for Women’s safety

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Girls, have you ever felt frightened or unsafe when walking alone?

Have you ever wondered what you should do if you are followed by an attacker?

Obviously, the very sad reality is we are living in an increasingly violent society in which the fear of crime is ever present. Thus, personal safety has become more important for anyone especially women.

In order to help for the women’s safety, there are few important apps below. These apps are available in the Google play store and can be easily downloaded and installed in your android mobile phone.


This is a GPS alarm based system which sends SOS messages during emergencies to the mobile numbers that you have previously chosen. It is one of the most popular apps and recommended by many women. It is available for Android OS, IOS, and blackberry phones and tablets.

You can add as many friends and relatives as you want. It has got a big red button which is pushed to send any emergency message or call during critical times.

This app also allows your selected friends to follow you live through the GPS tracking system if you choose that option. Similarly you can easily trigger fake calls and trace out that.

This app is tested to be the best one since it sends the message to the selected friends or relatives within 3 secs with clear description about your exact location. This is easily downloadable from the Google play store for free of cost. You need internet package and GPS to be active for this app to work.

Click Here to Download bSafe Now

Life 360 Family Locator:

Just like bSafe, this app also makes use of the GPS facility that comes with your smart phone. This app allows you to keep track of your family members at any time using GPS, Wi-Fi, and Cell Triangulation technology. It is available for android OS as well as non-smart phones too.

This is one of the best apps that can be used not only for sending SOS messages to the selected phone numbers but also for saving your most commonly visited places, receive automatic alerts when family members arrive or depart and recent crimes in your neighborhood, etc.

To make use of this app, initially the app must be installed in both the mobiles (yours and your family member). Now, when pressing the panic button automatic SOS messages are sent to the respective persons through email or sms within fraction of seconds.

Click Here to Download Life 360 Now


As its name suggest, this app allows you to add six trusted friends in your circle. Just like other apps, this one too sends the automatic messages to your friends in circle when you in emergent situation.

It requires IOS 4.0 or later and compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5. This app is a winner of 2011 ‘White House’ apps against abuse Technology challenge.

Click Here to Download Circleof6 Now


This is a India specific application available for any kinds of phones with Android OS or even Java based feature phones. It is available from the Nokia store. This app also uses GPS, GPRS, SMS, Google map and Facebook account to inform your friends during any emergent situations.

When the panic button is pressed, the portal page gets updated with the live alert data and shows the location of the alert on the Google map. This will be visible to all the users of web portal (a service that provides a broad array of resources such as emails, forums, search engines, etc).

It will generate a hyperlink which shows the location of the app user in the Google map. The web portal also updates the user’s Facebook status to intimate the friends that the user is in emergency. Settings can be customized according to the users need. This app is chargeable.

Click Here to Download Fightback Now

SOS Whistle:

Just like other apps it won’t send any messages to the friends or relatives. Instead, it will just trigger whistle sound even when your phone is in silent mode. Thus, it is also a great app to tell the passers-by that you are in an emergent situation. This app does not require any data connections or GPS service. You just need to tap the button for the whistle sound and the app will start the alarm.

Click Here to Download SOS Whistle Now

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Glad this post will be useful for you girls.

Share this article and make aware of other girls like you to be safe.

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  1. Allison Wilson says:

    Great apps for women security. Now we can feel safe outside our home. Thanks for mentioning these smart phone application.

    1. Hi Allison,

      It’s great to see you. Yes above mentioned apps are best for women’s security. Nowadays, there is no safety for girls and women’s when went out. As a well wisher of girls, here i listed out this apps.
      Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you back again.

  2. Thanks Nirmal for sharing the list of apps for women’s safety. bSafe is an excellent app. Nowadays with the increase in number of violence we must download the apps for our safety.

    1. Hi Sarmista,

      Welcome to my blog. Thanks for make a comment here. yes, i agree with you, bsafe is an excellent app for women’s safety. Even rest of bsafe apps are also best to use. As a women, download it and make use of it.

      Nowadays we can surely say that, there is no perfect protection to women in our society. Share this post as much as possible to your friends and stay safe. Hope to see you back again.

  3. Its nice to hear that apps have been developed for the purpose of Women’s safety..

  4. You showed a picture of the SOS Stay Safe app but didn’t write up about it. I thought I’d give it a mention because it’s my personal favourite. It has a lot more handy features than tmost apps in its league that you mentioned. Do give it a try 🙂

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