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How to become a Successful Writer - Classi Blogger

How to become a Successful Writer

I was often asked who I want to be in the future. In the provision of answers to the standard question, I had different variants: from a seller to a doctor. Now I cannot imagine how could I be someone else other than a writer. HOWEVER, the question is: How to become a successful writer?

How to become a Successful Writer_classiblogger

Work hard

Work ennobles a person. Work produced in large quantities turns a person into a professional. It does not matter how many papers a day you are able to write. It does not affect the result. It is necessary to write every day to hone your skills. Be hardworking!

Success does not tolerate haste

It is necessary to organize your work in a way you could escape the hostage and save your mind in a good health. You have to enjoy your life. Someone said, “Even if you win in the rat race, you remain a rat.” When we slow down, our priorities become more pronounced. If you are busy more than you want, do not try to rearrange your schedule. Keep calm and focus on the present moment.

Be offline

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Forget about calls (they can be forwarded to the voice mailbox), and the Internet. It is important to understand that our communication habits do not make us happier or more productive. You need aminimally distracting atmosphere. Be offline as long as you need. First of all, you have to do your important work, and only then answer your letters, messages, and phone calls.

Be proactive, but not reactive. Also, forget about social networks, because they distract and inhibit any work.

Avoid multitasking

Multitasking is not efficient. There is a great chance to lose productivity by performing many tasks simultaneously. You have to be concentrated on the important goal for yourself and do your job in an “adequatemode”. Inform your colleagues, relatives, and friends that you are busy and you cannot be distracted. They will not get mad when they see your results.

Do it!

There is a typical situation in any American detective. The main character tries to get the gun out of the holster during the first half of the picture, and the second half of the same film he cannot shoot the enemy. Have you noticed how a hero-cop holds the scoundrel at the gunpoint all this time?

He delays the final moment! He is waiting and waiting! And we are sitting in front of TVs and thinking: “God Dear, do it!” Yes, this is a film created in the best traditions of drama. But as my grandfather said, “If you take a gun – shoot.” Do not put out and hide, put out and hide, and again put out and hide your weapon.

Never hide it, if you have already set a goal. So, when you are going to sit down at the keyboard and start typing your masterpiece, bring the work to the logical end. Be organized and purposeful.

Take criticism with a gratitude

All people are sitting on the tip of the recognition. We are waiting to be patted on the shoulder with words, “You are a cool guy!” The criticism is not what we want to hear, but it’s probably one of the most powerful tools to improve a self-quality. This “tool” should push a person forward. Believe, there is still what to improve. Every day try to be better than yesterday.


It does not matter what conditions you have to create to make your productivity higher. The main idea is you have to be comfortable. You may write your articles in McDonald’s or at home. You can type your texts at a breakneck pace in any text editor you like. Do it during your sport activity or in the middle of the night. Be free and enjoy the benefits of civilization if it makes your work more efficient.


Word is a primary tool. The more words you have in your “baggage”, the easier to express ideas. Bring the depth of your thoughts to readers in the attractive form.

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Let us take a tree. How can you describe it? “There is a tree in the courtyard. It is green.” But it is possible to represent it a different way. For example, “A mysterious wooden creation of nature spread out its branches wide, warmly inviting to have a rest from the scorching sun. Emerald leaves were whispering to each other softly when the playful breeze kissed them.”

No matter how much your lexicon is rich. You should replenish it every day. How? You have to read a lot, and you have to be interested in many things around. You even can grab a guide to the quantum physics or theoretical mechanics and start reading an entirely new information.

What to write?

“Any product has its buyer.” You can write on your favorite topic if it finds a response in your heart. From “99 Ways of How to Cook Noodles” and to the “1 Simple Way of Howto Permanently Damage the Impression for 3 Seconds.” Do not be confused about themes that can be absurd to someone. You are the big Boss! The quality of your work depends on you.

Details are important

Tell your audience in the smallest details what size of feet has the representative of an alien environment. Alternatively, how it smells from his mouth. Convey to the readership some vivid emotions and feelings. “A wife of the cousin’s grandfather whose relationships were broken dropped one million tears. Two trains with handkerchiefs were used by the sad woman.” Let your readers laugh or mourn with the main characters together.


Feel your story! Put the exclamation marks when you are angry, “I will kill you!” Pay attention to the critical moments in the story, “What a twist!” When you are wondering, “How could you?!” Keep the intrigue with the dots’ help, “The fun has just begun …”

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The absence of emotion is useful when you are visiting a tax administration! But be yourself in your books, articles, novels, etc.

Give the readers a sharp emotional background.

Crafting tools

Pay your attention to the tools that you are using. Do it! The operating system (Linux or Windows), a keyboard (Microsoft or Logitech), a text editor (Write! or Word), or a chair you are sitting on (Richmond or AFW) — you have to be comfortable with your “little assistants”. Are you?

The barber picks up scissors for his Hand, and the chef buys a cap for his Head. Use those devices that were created exactly For You!

Be consistent

Your story must have a logic – the storyline. You may describe actions “under any sauce”. But they should be consistent. You cannot write, “Mr. Jackson was born a healthy boy, but he died of cancer. Let us talk about the family values of ​​Mr. Jackson?” The ongoing situation in your text should have an intuitive nature for the reader. Help him navigates comfortably in what is happening, but not to think until the end of the story, “Hey, why Mr. Jackson died of cancer when everything was going well?”

These adviceswere based on the personal experience and desire to help all creative people.Write a lot! Have a practice every day! Never stop! Have breakfast every morning! Increase your productivity and improve your writing skills!  Let every writer invent a formula of success for themselves and share their knowledge with the followers.The World is waiting for its hero.

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