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Going to Study Abroad? 10 Useful Apps to Survive in Foreign Country

Being a student is challenging. But being a student in a foreign country is double challenging. Everything is new to you – people, food, streets, routes…  even money, living conditions, and studying process. A smart student will always use all the possible tools to make it all easier somehow. Take a closer look at these 10 apps and eliminate the frustration of studying abroad. Let’s see what you as a student in a foreign country might need the most.


1. WhatsApp – Perfect for Communication with Your Friends and Family

Making phone calls is extremely expensive when you study in a foreign country and want to stay in touch with anyone you love. There is no need to limit yourself in talking to your loved ones. With WhatsApp, all you need to stay connected with them is an internet connection and a phone number. Send messages and give calls – as many as you wish. Quite a handy app to use abroad when you feel homesick or just want to talk to someone in your mother tongue.

2. XE Currency Converter – Makes It Quick and Simple to Convert Any Currency

When you bring some money with you, you will need to exchange it at the best rate possible. When on the go, it’s quite easy to make a mistake and even get fooled. A handy currency converter in your pocket will help a lot. It converts practically every world currency and always keeps the rates updated.

3. Eat the World – Eat Good Food Wherever You Are

Students need to eat properly for their brains to absorb new knowledge easily. When there is no enough time to prepare food yourself, find the best and affordable restaurants with a local cuisine. The app also features the most popular meals and foods in a foreign country you are visiting and suggests places where you can find them.

4. Travel Health – Feel Safer Abroad

When you are away from home and all alone, anything can happen to you. New weather conditions, new food, or unfamiliar terrain can cause certain health disorders, digestion problems, or injuries. Having a first-aid handbook in your smartphone can save your life or someone else’s. The app features information written by medical professionals and is sorted according to the symptoms of a disorder. 

5. Kindle – Smart Way to Read and Study

When studying in a foreign country, you will hardly find time to learn something. That’s why you should always have an access to any book you need. With the Kindle app, you can have millions of e-books right at your fingertips without even having a Kindle device. You can either enjoy free books or shop for some newer editions. The app lets you synchronize your books between different devices and customize your reading preferences, like font size or background color. You can make notes or highlight certain parts.

6. Time Out – Knowing Where to Go Today

One of the benefits of studying abroad is learning a foreign culture. And you can do it when visiting some local events at your free from study time. The app will notify you about all the upcoming events that are expected to take place soon. It can also create your customized travel guide based on your preferences and interests. Currently, the app features information about nearly 30 cities, so you can check their website if you can’t find your new city on the list.

7. Citymapper – Find Your Way with Ease

This app is an advanced journey planner that is perfect for students who have just come to a foreign country and have a lot of destinations to visit. It gives much more detailed information than Google maps, such as traffic jam alerts or real-time departures. Whether you need to get to your college, dormitory, part-time job, or just to visit a certain event nearby, Citymapper will take care of you in a busy crowded city.

8. WalkJogRun – Train Everywhere

Love jogging? Moving to a foreign country to study is not the reason to abandon your hobby only because you don’t know the routes. This app will show you the best routes to follow in nearly 1.6 million cities across the world. You will thus be able to exercise in a safe environment without the fear of injury. Whether you are a beginner or experienced runner, you will find a training plan that perfectly suits your preferences. 

9. Mint – Keep Your Finances in Order

As a student in a foreign country, you will have to keep track of your finances, as well as organize your study and living budget. It’s absolutely free, yet safe. You will be able to record your expenses and thus know how much has been spent and left. Quite a convenient and handy app for students who want to save a bit and ensure they meet their budget. 

10. Evernote – Don't Miss a Thing

As I have already mentioned, finding time to study is not easy when you are in a foreign country with so many new things to see and places to visit. With Evernote, you can make important notes, create study plans or write to-do lists wherever you are, be it a party, restaurant or local beach.

Anything More to Add?

Education is the way to build your future. When you decide to get your education in a foreign country, you bring even more opportunities into your life. Can you think of some more apps that might help students survive abroad?

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  1. Very informational post :Studying abroad can provide students with the opportunity to meet and connect with people from different parts of the world. These connections can be valuable both professionally and personally, and can lead to lifelong friendships and business partnerships.

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