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From Field To Fork: Technology's Role In Crafting Innovative Soy Delights - Classi Blogger

From Field To Fork: Technology’s Role In Crafting Innovative Soy Delights

Technology has been a significant driving force in numerous industries over the past few years. The soy industry has not been left behind. Considering the vast soy industry, it is no surprise that different people rely on technology to simplify processes.

If you are a farmer or a participant in the soy supply chain, you know the relevance of working with technology to increase efficiency.

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But if you are unaware of the benefits technology can provide you, you have come to the right place. Our discussion today covers the different types of technology you can use in the soy sector, from the farm to when the dish gets to your table!

What Exceptional Technology Is Used In The Soy Industry

The age-old saying states that necessity is the mother of invention. In the soy sector, the necessity to supply innovative soy products to the customer base has propelled the development of technology. The types of technology that run the soy sector come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s explore some of them and discuss why you should hop on the soy technology bandwagon.

1. Genetic Plant Modification

The natural starting point for any discussion on agriculture technology is about genetically modified organisms. GMO crops have a bad rap. But not everything about GMOs is what pundits paint it out to be.

Genetic plant modification is an excellent way to create highly productive disease-resistant crops. Most farmers that use genetically modified seeds to plant soy can testify that their yield has grown exceptionally over the past few years. So, forget everything you have heard about GMO crops and research the best types of seeds you can use on your farm.

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2. Precision Farming Tools

Farming is both an art and a science. The artistic part of farming comes from the skill you might have gathered from constant working on a particular crop. On the other hand, science ensures that you are precise in everything you do on your farm.

Precision farming tools are scientific, innovative technologies in the soy industry that help farmers plan every detail regarding the planting season. Precision farmers evaluate their fields to gather details such as moisture and mineral content to know how much irrigation and farm supplements to use.

This information can prove invaluable for farmers who want to optimize their input for the best possible yield. While precision farming can feel expensive at first, it is an investment for farmers looking at long-term success.

3. Drones In Soy Farming

You might have probably noticed how drones have captured every sector by storm. The soy farming industry is not any different.

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Farmers are using drones to optimize different functions when planting soy. As a farmer, you can use drones to monitor crops in large fields where a physical evaluation would be hard. Some drones are also equipped for irrigation and distributing farm supplements such as fertilizer and pesticides.

You can also use drones to beef up security on your farm to avoid people who might want to damage or steal your crop. The choices are limitless.

4. Farm Management Software

For every process you can ever think of, there is probably software that can make the process simpler. Soy farmers use farm management software to keep track of records within the farm. It is common to find a farmer who uses software to monitor aspects such as how much farm implements have been used, the general yield of that particular season, and how many sales have been made.

Record keeping is an exceptional skill to have as a farmer. That is why you need to use software to transform your farming effectiveness.

5. Blockchain In The Soy Supply Chain

Whenever people talk about blockchain, the first thing that comes to mind is cryptocurrency. However, blockchain has extensive use in the soy industry.

Blockchain technology helps to improve accountability and traceability in the soy supply chain. Generally, every transaction or record put in a blockchain cannot be deleted. If you are any participant in the soy supply chain, knowing the source of every unit of saw you receive can be highly beneficial.

Even consumers can enjoy the privilege of traceability, especially when they have complaints about a particular product. All they need to do is trace the batch number and follow the paper trail until they find out where the soy came from.

6. Smart Cooking Tools

Smart cooking tools have become quite common all over the globe. Gone are when people relied on simple pot-over-fire technology to cook soy-based dishes. Kitchen appliances that incorporate IO T technology have made cooking simpler than it has ever been before.

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Even better, you can use apps on your phone to track your nutrient content to ensure you are consuming the right amount of soy for your nutritional needs. You can think of these apps as your nutritionist in the palm of your hand.

Bottom Line

Technology has completely transformed how the soy sector works. Starting from farming crops to the smart cooking tools you can use in the kitchen, technology has found a way of asserting its presence. There is something for everyone!

If you want to be effective in what you do, regardless of your position in the soy supply chain, you should consider incorporating technology. The examples we have discussed above are an excellent place to start.

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