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Best Tools for Bloggers to Help You Work Faster & Write Better - Classi Blogger

Best Tools for Bloggers to Help You Work Faster & Write Better

Tools for bloggers aren’t a commodity; they’re a necessity. So, which one of them do you need the most?

Quality content for bloggers is a necessity. They go to various lengths to ensure the quality of their content. While some have a dependable process, others rely on AI writing assistants to get the job done.

Make no mistake, there are tools that help writers come up with engaging and original blog content.Mainly because 90% of marketers are adamant about using content as their primary marketing source in 2022.

How exactly does a tool help with these aspects? Moreover, what type of tools do writers even need to help them with content creation?

The quality of content is one of the most basic requirements of blogs today. So, let’s find out how tools fit in this narrative:

Why Use Blogging Tools?

Blogging tools are a necessary element of success today. They aren’t exactly any sort of magic wand that could help you create outstanding content.

However, they are an extension of your own arm—assisting you in creating content that stands out.In order to understand their importance, there are two main aspects, which are:

· Ease Content Creation

Easing content creation should be one of your priorities. Not only to ensure a specific type of quality but also to ensure the best possible results. Now, there are a few aspects that describe quality content, such as:

  • Originality
  • Grammatical quality
  • Content tone and voice
  • Informative value

Therefore, to ensure your content has all these qualities, you need assistance from tools. They can help you ease the process and take some of the hassles off your shoulders.

· Save Time

Saving your precious time should be one of your priorities when creating content. Because you need to remember time is of the essence, and you need to deliver quality content day in and day out. That’s why you need tools that help you save time in the aspects mentioned above.

Therefore, it’s important to pick the tools that ease the various processes of writing, such as grammar correction, plagiarism finding, etc.

The Necessity Of Working Faster & Write Better

There’s no question that you need good quality content to stand out in online marketing. That’s why you also need to understand the importance of working faster and writing better. For one, the need to overcome your competition is very high.

Second, you need content that helps you stand out and creates your brand identity. So, here are three main reasons to work faster and write better:

· You Need To Post Frequently

You need to post frequently in order to make an impact. The most successful blogs in the online world post at least 3-to 4 blogs a week. Each of these blogs doesn’t compromise quality or hold back on information.

Therefore, you need to post frequently, and that’s why you need writing assistance. The right kind of which can help you work faster and improve the type of content that you write.

· You Need To Provide Quality

The quality of your content is one of the primary determinants of your success. So, how does one tell the quality of a blog? For instance, look for qualities such as these:

  • Easy readability
  • Thorough use of information
  • Infographics and images
  • Tables or other aspects to help you understand key information
  • Thorough Breaking down of information
  • Usage of simple yet intriguing words

If you read a blog and it has all these, then it is of the highest quality. Not only does it provide information, but it’s also easy to read and understand. Now, regularly coming up with content like this isn’t easy, and that’s why you need tools.

· You Need To Stand Out

The last and most important aspect to understand here is that you need to stand out. Against your competition, your peers, and your audience.

That’s why you cannot compromise on quality, frequent posting, and informative value.So, any sort of AI-enthused writing assistance can make it easier for you to work faster.

How To Pick A Tool To Write Quicker & Better

Picking a tool to help you write quality content depends on where you need it. For instance, some would need paraphrasing tools to correct content tones, while others would use them to avoid plagiarism. In some cases, a writer would use it for both purposes.

So, when you pick a tool to write better, what you need to consider are:

  • Does it help make the content better?
  • Does it improve grammar or readability?
  • Does it make content original? Or finds duplicity?
  • Does it allow collaboration or online work?

These are just rhetorical questions, and you can always find a tool that helps your immediate requirement.

However, suppose you’re looking to form a process that helps you write good content continuously and regularly. In that case, you need to pick a few specific tools.

The tools must serve a purpose and help you write quality content regularly.

6 Tools for Bloggers to Help You Work Faster & Write Better

You might already be looking for tools to help you write better and improve the quality of your writing.However, you don’t need to go through the hassle,as we’ve picked six of the best tools for bloggers today.

Each of these tools was thoroughly considered for their primary operation—something you’ll find it written next to each one as it explains why it’s on the list. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

1. Online Text Editor by Prepostseo:

PrePostSEO is one of the common names that pop up when you look for outstanding editing or writing tools.

The website is chock full of great tools, and their Online Text Editor is only one of the best ones. However, you have this tool on this list because it enables you to write on the go.

The editor isn’t a plain text editor or changer; it provides you with everything you can find in a rich text editor or a word processor. This means you can easily edit any rich text document or create one from scratch.

Thus, bloggers need this tool in their arsenal, as it can help them get started with their content creation quickly.

Key Features:

  • Rich text editing and creation
  • Save the file as PDF or Docx format
  • Check plagiarism, grammar, or paraphrase right away

2. Google Docs

Google Docs is perhaps the most dependable online tool available for any writer today. It’s not only the primary tool of Google Suite (Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.), but it’s also one of the most employed online tools among writers. The reason behind that is simple: it’s highly convenient.

It’s a full-fledged online rich text editor that offers all the things you’ll ever need for writing content. This includes an in-built OCR tool that helps you extract text from images without having to use another tool.

However, the one thing that makes it an ideal companion for a writer is the ability to collaborate. You can invite up to 10 people to work on the same document.

Key Features:

  • AutoSaving
  • Part of Google Suit
  • Extensive collaboration

3. Plagiarism Checker by Editpad

EditPad’splagiarism checkeris one of the leading programs available today to find plagiarism. But, since there are so many others, what makes it a good edition on this list? Because it offers the most wordcount for free—compared to any other free plagiarism checker.

You can check up to 2000 words at a time while finding plagiarism in various languages as well. But, on top of that, the tool helps you locate the link/website of the original content. Therefore, it’s ideal to find the source for citation.

Key Features:

  • Plagiarism percentage
  • Original link locator
  • Up to 13 languages

4. Paraphrasing Tool:

Rephrase Info is one of the leading rephrasers online. The name suggests how it’s one of the premier results in Google when you look for paraphrasers. But why should you choose this over others to work faster? Simply because it’s quicker than most other tools and offers a generous 500-word limit.

Besides that, you can quickly shift the tone of your content by picking one of the three options provided by this rephraser. This factor alone makes it worthy of your consideration as it can surely help you write better and faster.

Key Features:

  • Thee paraphrasing tones
  • 500-word limit
  • Up to 13 languages
  • Quick paraphrasing

5. Hemmingway Editor

Hemmingway Editor is one of the primary names in the world of content writing. A lot of beginners use this tool to understand the proper flow and specific content tones.

Compared to other text editors, this one follows a simple yet effective approach.

The many colors you see on the right-hand side of your screen help you with a specific writing element. This process doesn’t only quicken your understanding of making readable content; it also pushes you to write better.

Key Features:

  • Content suggestions
  • Grammar correction
  • Grades content

6. AI Content Generator by Zyro

Zyro’s AI Content Generator is a lifesaver when you’re going through a writer’s blog. You should only use this tool if you’re at a stop and cannot move forward.

Because it does require you to write a few sentences before it generates text for you. However, just to avoid any sort of plagiarism or duplicity, make sure you take inspiration from the generated text rather than copying and pasting it as it is.

Key Features:

  • Quick content generation
  • Generate content by category


These are some of the most convenient tools you can use today. Each one of these can help you write quality text without having to spend a penny. So, make the most of these free tools and elevate the quality of your writing.

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