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All About Horse Care which a Beginner Should Know - Classi Blogger

All About Horse Care which a Beginner Should Know

Once you buy a new equine pet and bring it home, you need to be an expert in terms of a horse to keep it in good health and shape. Most of the racing enthusiasts who invest in a horse want to make it a champion, which requires regular training and a lot of care in order to achieve such goals. In this article, we will discuss feeding and overall caring for a horse or pony.

101 tips - All About Horse Care which a Beginner Should Know - classiblogger

The baseline requirements of horses include:

  • A pasture which is free from any internal or external hazards like holes on the ground, rusty metal or machinery, and any loose wire fences, etc.
  • Wooden, plastic, mesh wire, or vinyl rail fencing.
  • Enough green grass for grazing or an adequate supply of hay.
  • Anytime access to clean drinking water. It needs to be supplied heated in sub-freezing temperatures.
  • Enough amount of salt and minerals.
  • Enough sheltering from windy or wet weather and enough shade in summer.
  • A clean and dry floor to lie down and rest.
  • Close monitoring for any illnesses or injuries.
  • Happy companionship with another horse, mule, donkey, or pony, etc.

The caretakers need to learn how to groom and care for the stable properly.

Some essentials of horse care

If you are caring for a horse for the first time, then there are many things you need to learn in order to do it in a proper way. From the basics of proper feeding to tying the horse in the stable, there are plenty of things to be done properly.

Feeding the horse

While giving hay, ensure that it is not moldy, which may cause breathing problems in horses. Excellent food habit for a horse is to provide it with good feeds and fodder. Even though the grass is the most natural food supplement to horses, it is not available always. Sometimes, supplying with grass also may not be adequate to curb its daily needs.

Good hay can be used to supplement grass, but if the hay is not properly dried, then it can damage the horse’s lungs. For proper nutrients, your horses may also need some more supplements too in addition to hay. An adequate supply of fresh and clean water is also important for horses. Not all that grows in the pastures are good for horses. You need to have an idea about the plants which are toxic to the horses.

Proper shelter

A horse may access the shelter more in summer times than in winter. Most of the racehorses to spend time a lot of their time indoors at stalls. In order to ensure proper horse health and safety, you need to design the sheds, barns, and stalls properly. Making a run-in type of shelter will allow your horse easy access to get out of wind or rain. While planning a shelter, you need first to find out the ideal size of the stalls, appropriate height for the ceiling, and also the floor to be cone.

In the meantime, let’s have a quick overview of Naples Greyhound racing.

Naples Greyhound racing

Naples Greyhound is a well-known landmark at the southwest coast of Florida, which is not only a racetrack but a recreational facility too. The race track here operates all year round of greyhound racing with simulcasting of dogs as well as thoroughbreds.

From the 1970s onwards, the racetrack here serves the community of southwest Florida with consecutive races and many other special events. Naples Greyhound, with its social and civic amenities, serves as a classic entertainment center for permanent residents and the tourists who come to Florida. As a visitor, you can enjoy the unique experience of greyhound races in real tropical settings.

For about 60 years now, the track Naples greyhound premiere quality greyhound racing which showcases some of the top greyhounds and also the best thoroughbreds from across the globe. Live racing admission ticket costs only $2, and the facility is fully air-conditioned with also concession stands at all levels. There is also a remodeled fully-featured Hold’em Grille at the second level. Being air-conditioned, the building is non-smoking, but there are special smoking areas outside.

Back to the essentials of better horse care.

Veterinary care

The horse’s vital signs need to be taken frequently and properly tracked to ensure that there is no ailment. Unfortunately, unlike many other animals, horses tend to get sick or injured easily. The best approach to horse care is to identify any health issues at the first point to treat and cure it only a timely manner.

Hoof care and grooming

Horses may have thrush in the hooves. You may find it like black-soil stuck on to the hoof. The smell of affected hoof is also very strong. Altogether, grooming is a very important aspect of horse care. A horse should be groomed appropriately for riding and race. In general, quick and careful grooming is important to take care of the hooves and skin of the horse.

Boarding the horse

Everyone may not be able to care for your horses at your own property properly. Boarding them well is the most important thing in terms of horse care. You need to ensure the best property to stable in order to keep the horses happy and safe. You need to consider the cost involved and the facilities available at the stable in order to board your horse well before planning for a purchase. Good horse care also means offering the most natural environment for the horse. It also includes offering good companionship, and fulfilling the primary needs of the younger and older horses, and also keeping their circumstances clean and optimally maintained.

More than these tips, one should also need to know all essential of pony and elderly horse care in order to handle end-to-end horse care well. Moreover, if you find your pet sick or unhealthy, it is important to have instant access to a veterinarian. A proper vet checks to ensure proper vaccination and healthy vitals is also necessary from time to time.

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