8 Essential Content Apps You Need Right Now-classiblogger

Many of us have so many apps on our mobile phones right now that there might not be space for anymore. However, as time is evolving, so is the apps that are trending in the moment. If you are a content creator or a blogger, there are some amazing apps you can download to keep you up to date with what is happening in the world.

Of course, these apps are not limited to content creators or bloggers, but to each and every person who likes to be updated on events around the world. Here are some of the best apps you should download today.

8 Essential Content Apps You Need Right Now-classiblogger


This is a great app to stay up to date with any trending topics. The articles are categorized to help you find what interests you. It has a clean interface and is easy to use by anyone. They have partnered with many of the top news broadcasting agencies like NBC News and Perez Hilton. This immediately lets us know that you can find a variety of topics on there.


When Google Reader was discontinued, Feedly became the new kids on the block and we have not been a disappointment thus far. As a content creator, you might be searching for a free complex sentence maker, but without great writing material, you won’t have much to say. You are able to categorize articles and even bookmark the once you want to read at a later stage.

LinkedIn Pulse

We already love LinkedIn, but the new pulse addition is great. You can use your LinkedIn account to log in and get updated on various trending events. These articles are written by professionals and your average person who has a passion for writing. When you find the perfect compound sentence generator, you might be featured on there soon.


There is so much happening in life and sometimes you see something interesting you want to read, but just do not have the time. This app is great because you are able to select an article you want to read and send it to your Pocket app and read it later. Save all the news stories you missed out on and read it in bed over a cup of tea.


Are you that person who has all the news and content related apps on your phone? Well, you might only need one and Inoreader might be it. This app collects the top stories from various news publications and stores it all in one place. You never have to miss out on a new or developing story again.


This list would not be complete without Buzzfeed. The world has been taken by storm when this app first made its way to popularity. You are able to customize your feed with articles and categories that are of interest to you. Perhaps you are not interested in world news, but you want to stay up to date with the entertainment world. This is a fantastic app to select what you are interested in.

News Republic

Another great content and news app we are excited about. This app is everything but a compound complex sentence generator. Find all your news in one consolidated fashion and only see what you are interested in. You will be able to find fresh new content which might be what you are looking for to update your blog.

AP Mobile

With a team of journalists working at this company, you are sure to find some news that might not have been published yet. News from all around the world is covered to make sure you do not miss anything important. If you are looking for facts and serious events, this app is for you.


Bloggers and webmasters know the importance of staying updated on any trending topic. It is a great way to give the readers what they are looking for. This is also a great way to keep yourself up to date with any developments all over the world. Of course, it does help adding to your general knowledge, which is always a plus.

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