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6 Easy Tips To Look Slim In A Saree

Saree is the traditional Indian attire and it is the most stunning outfit. It is worn by women all around the globe. Indian women wear sarees at functions, occasions as well as on a daily basis. This outfit is draped in different styles according to one’s mood.

It comes in infinite patterns and colors with zari work, patchwork, zardosi work, flowers and motif works, etc.

Everyone wants to look lovely and gorgeous in saree and most importantly everyone wants to look slim in saree. There are some tips to look gorgeous and slim in a saree.

Tips To Look Slim In A Saree

1. Choose a Light Fabric

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Fabric is the most important characteristic of a saree. There are two main types of fabrics that are natural and synthetic. Natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, silk, and linen are made from animal coats, cotton-plant seed pods, fibers from silkworms, and flax.

If you are willing to look slim choose a light fabric. It will allow you to get a voluminous and shimmery look. Fabrics like chiffon, georgette, and art silk will be a better choice. Avoid wearing cotton as the fabric does not stick to your body and makes you look short and clumsy.

2. Pick Thin Borders

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The border of a saree plays a very important role. If you are willing to look slim and smart then pick thin borders. Thin borders will help others to focus more on the design of the saree and if you choose a broad border then it will make you look short.

Thin borders are easy to manage and pin-up. If you choose a big border then it will gather more attention and it will not look so perfect and proper. So choose a light one to get an elegant, smart and simple look.

3. Pick Correct Designs

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Along with thin borders choose the right color and perfect designs. Light and elongated prints are good for the one who is willing to look tall and slim. You can opt for a few and little designs that will make you look simple and stunning.

A stylish and modern look can be flaunted with some beautiful and small designs. You can also choose a plain saree with a thin border and a designer blouse to get a modern look.

4. Drape it in perfect fitting and styles

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A saree looks perfect when you wear it in proper fitting and style. There are many different styles to drape a saree for a slim look, like

Belt style:

It is trending and latest style of draping saree. In this style drape your saree as usual and add a Kamarbandh or a belt above the pallu on waist. It gives a modern and unique look to your saree.

You can drape the outfit in different patterns but drape the pallu in a pleated style so that the belt can be worn and seen properly.

Dhoti style:

It is also a trending pattern of wearing the outfit. Here you choose to wear legging instead of petticoat as it helps to drape the saree in a dhoti style. You can wear this style at parties and a wedding to get a stylish and unique look and this one just looks awesome. If you want to buy sarees online usa you can buy it from trusted seller.

Lehenga style:

Attending a wedding but want to wear a saree in some different style to look slim and gorgeous then try the lehenga style saree. In this style, the front pleats are not seen and the whole attire provides a lehenga look.

It gives a nice flare from the bottom and a fitted look on the waist and bust to make you look slimmer.

Butterfly style:

This one is another beautiful style of draping a saree. The pallu is pleated in a style that gives a butterfly look from the back. In short, the pallu is pleated asymmetrically giving a hanging at the back in the butterfly style.

It also gives a nice and slim look to the one who wears it. All this style makes you look gorgeous and slim in a saree.

5. Match the Perfect Blouse

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The look of your entire outfit depends on the pattern and fitting of your blouse. Make sure that your blouse has a proper neck and shoulder. If the fitting of the shoulder is not perfect then your blouse will not look attractive and good and it will also affect your overall look.

The length of your sleeves should be appropriate. Mostly three-fourth or two-fourth sleeves look great with silk sarees. Sleeveless one goes well with plain sarees.

 Off-shoulder can be paired with heavy sarees and many more different styles and patterns can be worn with saree. Try beautiful sleeves designs for your saree and look stunning.

6. Make Appropriate Pallu

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Drape your pallu in different styles to get a slim and proper look. Some styles in which your pallu can be draped are

Classic pleated pallu:

The most common and simple thus a perfect and elegant style of the pallu. In this, the pallu is pleated and pin-up at the shoulder. It showcases the border of the saree and mostly this pallu is draped when a woman wears a traditional saree or a saree that has a broad border.

Open pallu:

The most preferred one is open pallu. Just pin the pallu at your left shoulder and you are ready. If you are in a hurry then just drape your pallu in open style. When you drape an open pallu tie your saree in fitting from the waist that will make you look tall and slim. They are very attractive and relevant ones.

Loose at waist:

In this style, form skirt pleats and then wrap it over hips, but leave the drape around the waist loose and make broad pallu pleats and pin it up on the shoulder. This gives you a stylish as well as modern look. You can also add a belt for a more attractive look.

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