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   4 Good Fitness Motivation To Be Healthy   

Our main desire is to support you in your sports practice. Whether you want to be in better shape and good health, lose weight or train to perform, you all do the same thing: sports sessions. After each session, you also get a boost of energy, a positive attitude that is always very enjoyable. But if you want to increase the impact of your sessions, Read more about these 4 good habits to be in shape!

Train like an athlete, eat like a nutritionist, sleep like a baby, think like a winner.

Follow our 4 tips to be in good shape all year long!

1. Take Good Fitness Habits

The motivation makes you start, but it may be difficult to continue regularly: The key to starting a fitness challenge to get in shape is to develop fitness habits gradually. First of all, it is essential to choose an activity that you like.

Then think about how much time you want to spend exercising.
Finally, define your personal goal, even if it means writing it down on a white sheet and keeping it visible at home.

After identifying these three points, set clear and achievable goals.

To start today and if you haven’t done any sport for a while, go for a 10-minute session. Then take up the challenge to continue 5 more minutes for each session! The goal is reached when you have progressed to 30 minutes. It is important to take up the challenge for at least 21 consecutive days(regular days). This is the time needed to automate a new habit and make it easier for you to continue that habit.

TIP to be fit: Listening to music can help you stay longer and work harder during sport.

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2. Good Eating Habits

Health is a healthy mind in a healthy body

Make it a habit to eat three meals and two snacks a day at a regular time. Ideally, eat a snack (fruit) 1:30 before the next meal. Favor hydration before the meal by drinking a large glass of water and avoid drinking during. To facilitate digestion, ideally, consume a hot drink after a meal (green tea).

To start the day, it is important to refuel energy by eating protein, fruit, dairy, hot drink and cereal products.

At lunch, a balanced meal should consist of proteins, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and carbohydrates if you exercise during the day. The main source of energy used during physical effort comes from carbohydrates. It is advisable to avoid carbohydrates for evening meals.

To be in good shape, avoid excess fat (frying, nuts, cheese, fatty meats, etc.) which takes a long time to digest and reduces performance during training. However, fats are not to be banished, they are even essential to certain vital functions of the body. Trust your feelings: you know when your dish is too fatty, you feel it. Readjust your diet during these times; don’t limit yourself as a matter of principle, reconnect with your natural common sense and trust your body.

After training more specifically, favor meals rich in protein to nourish the muscles.

Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.

3. Good Sleep and Recovery Habits

Quality sleep helps physical and mental recovery.

Understanding your sleep patterns could be the secret to feeling more rested upon waking.

A good sleep habit would be to sleep at least 7:30 a night while sleeping a maximum of hours before midnight. Try to get into the habit of going to bed at a regular time just like your waking time.

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4. Good Habits of Mental Preparation

Train your mind to be positive like you do with your body

A positive outlook on life feeds motivations. Adopt a positive attitude, starting each day with good intentions!

Cultivate positive habits to get closer to your goals. It is easier to stick to small, achievable goals every day to achieve a major goal than to want to give it you’re all in one shot and then let go.

Take on a new little challenge every morning.

Getting back into shape requires healthy lifestyles in all areas. We must be aware of our small-scale impact on our planet, it is essential to preserve, maintain and maximize the strengths of our body as well. Small changes can have big long-term influences on your environment and your health.

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