10 Keys to Consider When Renting a Car

10 Keys to Consider When Renting a Car

10 Keys to Consider When Renting a Car

Car rental has become an increasingly common approach to visit most desirable destinations and landscapes. To be successful in hiring, it is of great importance to consider some most crucial factors before renting the vehicle. Being the largest platform of Rent a Car in UAE, Final rentals offer you the ten important factors or issues and their solutions so that when you rent a car you will not have any problems.

1. Basic Requirements to Hire a Car

The first thing you need to consider in Dubai is the driver’s age, which must be at least 25 years of age. Along with this, if you want to drive and you are with a visit visa in UAE, having a valid international license issued by your home country is necessary, along with your national license. And if you have a resident visa, having a minimum 6 months old valid UAE driving license is must.

2. Your Rights

You need to thoroughly check whether the vehicle is in perfect condition or not. It is very important to remember that when you hire a compact car like Alfa Romeo Giulietta from a Car Rental Dubai agency, you should check whether its U connect system incorporating the infotainment screens is in good state, or if you hire Ford Focus you need to check its intuitive multifunction steering wheels are good to drive. Usually, compact cars are best for those who need cost-effectiveness. In Dubai, you can find many cheap car rental agencies like ‘Final rentals’ that prefer these cars for high performance and low cost aspects.  

It is important to be well informed about everything to avoid surprises. So, you should read the contract well before signing it and ask the office if you have any questions. The usual thing is to leave a deposit that will be returned when the vehicle is delivered. 

3. Proper Documentation

If you contact a reliable car hire agency in Abu Dhabi or Dubai like Final rentals, they must give you all the documentation in order: circulation permit, ITV card, insurance, and so on. The most normal thing is that they give you certified photocopies of these documents. It is essential to carry out a preliminary inspection before leaving the office of the car rental company. It is also necessary to check that the vehicle incorporates the tools and accessories required by law, such as warning triangles and reflective vests. 

Check the condition of the vehicle at the time of collection, in case there is any damage that would later be held responsible. In this case, the car rental company must record the damage in writing in the rental contract and it is also worth taking photos of the damage at the time of collection. So, if you observe any damage, notify the person in charge so that it is recorded in the contract.

4. Guarantee Deposit

All companies require a deposit as a guarantee of payment and delivery of the vehicle in perfect condition. This deposit is proportional to value of the car and additional equipment rented. The deposit can be made by card or, in some cases, in cash. In the case of high-end vehicles, it is often possible only with a credit card. Some companies only accept credit cards. If there is any damage to the vehicle, you will be charged for the repair. And if you commit any infraction, the company will provide your data to the sanctioning entity, to which you will have to pay the fine. Additionally, companies usually pay a charge for the fine management process.

5. Book Your Car in Advance

Making a reservation well in advance increases the chances of finding the best deals, before demand and prices rise. There is no risk of losing money if you change plans, because most Rent A Car agencies allow you to cancel or change a reservation ‘online’ at no cost up to a few days before the trip. Of course, it is convenient to check how far in advance the cancellation is allowed for free.

6. Car Return

The companies usually deliver the clean car and with a full tank of fuel. If you do not return it in the same condition, they will bill you for the fuel with additional charges for the refueling service. You also have to be careful with the return schedule. If you miss the delivery time, they will charge you an extra day, so it is advisable to return it in time. While reviewing the rental contract, you should pay attention to fuel and mileage requirements, so that you can avoid an extra cost. So, it is advisable to get the vehicle with a full tank and return it in the same way.

7. Insurance

The rental price includes the cost of mandatory car insurance and civil liability insurance. If you pay the most basic rate, only damage caused to a third party will be covered, but not damage to the vehicle itself. 

It is advisable to hire the car with full insurance to avoid paying for a repair in the event of an accident, especially if the car you are going to rent is a high-end model. Depending on the model, the rate includes the compulsory vehicle insurance and the supplementary civil liability insurance, or the comprehensive insurance. 

8. What can you hire?

In addition to the optional insurance, many companies offer the rental of accessory equipment, such as a child seat, roof rack, chains, GPS, etc.

These items are also rented by the day, although there is usually a maximum cost. That is, if the rental of a car is 45AED per day, there will surely be a cap of 450AED, even if you use it for more than 10 days. If this equipment is damaged or stolen, you will have to bear the replacement cost.

9. Accident

Typically, the rental company has to be informed and the police called to draw up a report, even if no other vehicles are involved. This aspect is important, since this police report will be necessary to request the refund of the franchise.

10. How to Claim

If a disagreement arises with the company, we recommend recording the disagreement in writing, requesting a complaint form and going to a consumer association.

If you notice unauthorized charges on your account, you can go to the bank to have the receipt returned and subsequent payments blocked.

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