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Training for Blogging in Madurai

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This is M.Nirmal Anandh from Madurai. Am very proud to say that, am a blogger from Madurai, Tamilnadu, India. Am giving training for Blogging in Madurai. As a profession, I made myself as CEO and Founder of and as well as RAAM IT Solutions. Also am working as Principal in Sri Durgaa Vidhyalayam.

Here, classiblogger deals with Make Money Ideas, Blogging Tips and Tricks, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Technology, Gadgets, Education, Media, Arts and Entertainment. Then, RAAM IT Solutions deals with Data Entry Processing, Data Entry Outsourcing, E-Publishing, Data Conversion etc… Other than this, to know more about me, better you can Click Here.

Why i am telling about myself is, you have to understand and believe me. Nowadays, lot of websites are available in the internet to deceive you and suck your money by not providing any kind of  Work from Home Jobs, Online Jobs, Data Entry Jobs, Ad Clicking Jobs, Ad Posting Jobs, Captcha Jobs etc. They are just showcasing that, “Work from Home and Earn Rs. 20000 per month”, “Easy Ways to Earn Money”, “Earn Three Figured Income within a Month” etc…

Surely, I will not say, It’s a Work from Home Jobs in Madurai, you can earn Rs.50,000 within a month by doing this job etc… But you can earn within 6 months, if you follow the tips and tricks by attend the training session given by me. Here i am not going to give you the Data Entry or Online Jobs. I am going to show you the Genuine and Easy Way to Earn Money from Online. The way i am going to show you is “Blogging“.

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Did you hear the word “Blogging“?

The chance is very less and most probably, the answer is “No“. Because the exposure about blogging in India is less, when comes to Tamilnadu, it’s very very less. All are thought that, blogging is difficult and it’s a technical term to learn. You don’t bother about this. I especially created this article for clear your doubt regarding the term blogging.

First of all we have to know the difference between a “Blog” and “Website”.

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What is a Blog?

A blog is a website which specially created by a person itself to share about the topic whatever he know’s, it may be about Technology, Education, Games, Health, Body Building, Studies, Engineering, Cooking, Beauty Tips, Women, Girls, Gadgets, Media, Cinema, Software, E-Books, Jobs, Online Jobs etc…

For Example:

What is a Website?

A website is simply a site, it consist of web pages that deals with the information about an Organization, Business, Schools, Colleges, Companies, Government etc…

For Example:

Why we create a Blog?

We create a blog to share our knowledge to others, to earn money from online, to develop our business, to help others, to promote our products, to get good relationships, to become renowned person in the society, to say proudly that you are a blogger, to say proudly that you are a CEO and Founder of a blog etc…

The first thing we have to keep in mind is, we should have a strong passion before creating a blog. Because, we all know, without a target, we can’t reach our destination.

While compare to a website, a blog is easy to start. There is no need for to creating complex designs to your blog, the default templates are already available in the market for free of cost. You can select any kind of themes and templates that suitable to you. For creating a blog, we can go for free blogging platforms like blogger, wordpress and other free platforms or you can go for self hosted wordpress.

If you know how to type your content, then it’s very easy to publish the content in your blog. We can also add some images and videos related to your content. In simple, we create a blog to communicate with the world. That’s it. By this communication, we can earn money, get fame, get friends etc…

If you have a product like ebooks, books, mobile, computer, blog is a prefect and awesome tool to sell your product online. You can also get more number of customers, if you did this by giving free tutorials and videos to your customers.

OK. Let’s Come to the Point.

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What will i teach in this Training Session?

A blog is a mixture of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Plugins etc…

I will teach you about,

What is a Blog?

What is the difference between Blog and Website?

Why we Create a Blog?

How to Create a Blog?

How to Promote your Blog?

How to Earn Money through your Blog?

How to place your ads in Blog?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

How to do Affiliate Marketing?

What is Google Page Rank?

What is Alexa Ranking?

How to do Search Engine Optimization?

How to do Social Media Optimization?

How to do Search Engine Marketing?

How to use Google Adwords?

How to use Google Analytics?

How to use Google Webmaster and Other Webmasters?

How to use Google Feedburner?

How to Create Sitemap to your Blog?

How to add Sitemap to Google?

How to submit your blog to Google?

How to submit your blog to other Search Engines?

How to Create more Fans for your Social Media like Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram etc…

How to Create Videos for your Blog?

How to get more views for your youtube videos?

How to earn money through Affiliate Sites?

How to use Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika, Bidvertiser, ClickBank etc…

What is Blogging Directories?

What is Forum?

How to use blogging directories and forums?

How to create PDF Files for your blog?

How to use hash tags?

How to get backlinks?

How to create backlinks?

The list will be goes on………

Who can do this?

College Students

House Wives

Retired Persons

Graphic Designers

Software Developers

Software Engineers

Bank Manager

Office Workers

Idle Women and Girls.

Employers etc…

There is no age restriction for blogging. A person having little typing skill and browsing skill is enough to do this. Anyone can do this. It will be better, if he/she completed atleast +2.

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What will you get after completing this Course?

  1. Free Blog Setup.
  2. Free Advertisement.
  3. Free Traffic to your blog.
  4. Free E-Books worth 500$.
  5. Free Backlinks to your blog.
  6. Anytime help through phone
  7. List of Websites to Earn Money.
  8. Free Search Engine Optimization for your blog.

What’s your Investment?

I will not teach all the mentioned above tips and tricks for Free of Cost. For this Awesome Training Course, i will charge you Rs.3000/- only.  Almost i will cover all the Nook and Corner of Blogging Techniques.

If you can’t able to attend this training, better you can buy my product online. It will surely helpful you to make money from online.get it now button_image

Syllabus for Blogging

What is Online Job?

Categories of Online Job

How to do Online Job through your Blog?

What is a Blog?

What is a Website?

Requirements for Creating a Blog.

Requirements for Creating a Website.

How to Create a Blog?

Important Steps involved in Creating a Blog.

How to upload an image to Blog?

What are the conditions to follow while uploading images?

How to upload Video to Blog?

What is meant by Sitemap?

How to Generate Sitemap?

How to create Custom Robot?

What is Webmaster?

How to create an account in Google Webmaster?

How to submit your blog to Google Webmaster?

How to add Sitemap to Google Webmaster?

What is Google Analytics?

How to create an account in Google Analytics?

What is Feedburner?

How to create an account in Google Feedburner?

What is Subscription?

How to generate Subscription Form?

How to display Subscription Form in a Blog?

Purpose of generating Subscription Form.

How to add Social Media Plugin to a Blog?

What is Meta Tag?

How to add Meta Tag to a Blog?

How to generate Favicon?

How to download free Templates?

How to upload templates to the blog?

What is Gravatar?

How to generate Gravatar?

How to create Comment Plugin?

Important Social Media’s.

How to utilize social media for your business?

How to create Hash Tag?

What is Backlink?

How to create Backlinks?

How to comment on other blogs?

Use of Commenting on other blogs?

What is E-Mail Marketing?

How to do E-Mail Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Important Affiliates.

How to display Affiliates and Ads to the blog?

What is Classifieds and How to use Classifieds?

How to create Fan Pages and Groups in Facebook?

How to create communities in social media’s?

How to reach your audience through Social Media?

Venue For Training:

RAAM IT Solutions,

Near Sri Durga School,

34/43 Chinnaiyer Lane,

Meenakshi Nagar,


Madurai – 625012.

Cell No: +91-9629099629

Mail id:

Note: If you are interested in this course, just come to my office and clear your doubts. Please don’t ask any doubt through phone.

Make a call and fix your appointment before coming.

For Your Information:

RAAM IT Solutions is a growing BPO Service provider in Madurai. They are giving an awesome opportunity for House Wives, Part Time Employees, Data Entry Operators, College Students to work at home without any investment. They are offering easy and reliable jobs like Form Filling, Data Entry, Data Counting, HTML Tagging etc… You can get your payment through direct bank deposit. Don’t miss your valuable time, just Sign Up here and Start Earning Money.

To Register: Data Entry Jobs

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Nirmal Anandh M
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Nirmal Anandh
Hi, this is Nirmal Anandh M alias Muthu Vinayagam from the "Temple City", Madurai. I am the Founder of this blog. My profession is, as a CEO in ATHIRA Web Services. It's about Work From Home Jobs, Affiliate Marketing, E-Publishing, Data Conversion and Data Entry Projects. you can connect with me @ Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest , LinkedIn, Flipboard, Medium and Youtube.

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  1. Awesome, Well I guess its really great opportunity for beginners to know everything about blogging. I’ll recommend this training to my friends.


    1. Well Said Ashish.

      Yes. This training course will be helpful for newbie bloggers, college students, graduated students, job searching guys, house wives etc…

      Glad you like this post and i thank you for recommending this to your friends.

      Keep coming friend.

  2. Raaja Anandhan this really wonderful and first time i red from your blog you are offering couching classes on blogging professional way, All the best … Yes ! i would strongly recommend in the colleges also should have 1 subject about blogging and what are the benefits about blogging.

    thanks from

    1. Well said charan.
      Exposure about blogging is very less among college students. Thanks for your suggestion. Keep coming.

  3. Pugazhenthi says:


    Your article on blog is very good one. I am also trying to do this blog for the purpose of earning through blog and affiliate marketing and Adsense.

    To further enrich my knowledge and start the niche blog, I would like to attend your training program on this subject.


    K pugazhenthi

    1. Hi Pugazhenthi, Welcome to my Blog. We can't find the reliable and prompt websites to earn money from online. Most of the websites providing online jobs are scam and fake, because there is no data entry or form filling in online. is the only site providing Data Entry, Form Filling, Image Editing etc… But they stop providing new registrations from indians.  As far as my concern, blogging is the genuine and one & only way to make money from online. Anyway thanks for your comment and appreciation. Try to share this post as much as possible to help the persons who are trying and interested to earn money from blogging.  Keep Coming and Hope to See You Again.

  4. Hey Nirmal! I am also a blogger from Pakistan but I am new in this field and I just love to discover new things in such field and so got great help through your site.

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