Paid to Click sites (PTC Sites) are online services which pays you for clicking the ads, watching videos, and doing some small simple tasks. Mostly, these sites pay you more when you refer more people to their site. Thus, you can earn a handsome of cash when you refer more and more people.

But however, all those PTC sites cannot be a trusted one. When you start searching for a PTC site using a search engine like Google, you will be provided with enormous number of PTC sites as search result. You may not be sure to decide which one is the legitimate one to start with.

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Thus, here is the list of most trusted sites that assure you with extra cash if you try to use it in an efficient way.

most trusted ptc sites to earn money_paid to click sites_classiblogger_imageThus, the list follows,


The first and foremost PTC site that can be trusted for assured payments. It pays for all kinds of simpler tasks such as clicking and viewing the advertisements, watching videos, and referring friends. It offers about $ 0.01 per Ad view. You also get paid for your referral’s click. Initial step for this is to sign up with the NeoBux and start clicking the advertisements it displays.

According to your type of membership, either Free or Golden, the number of ads are displayed. You also get paid about 12 % of your referral earnings when they start clicking the advertisements depending upon your member type. But however, you can make direct referrals only after 15 days of your membership and after finish clicking 100 advertisements.

The minimum payout is $ 2.00 USD for first cashout and this amount will increase by $ 1.00 USD on each cashout until it reaches $ 10.00 USD. If you wish to cash out your earnings you can select the mode of payment and NeoBux will transfer the amount to your account.

To know more about NeoBux visit:

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This is again a trusted PTC site started in the year 2007 which is still running successfully. This is one of the sites which pay the users promptly.  This is also one of the oldest sites that shine in the field of PTC.

Just like NeoBux, it is also free to sign up with the site. It has similar number of simpler tasks such as Paid surveys, paid ads, Micro tasks, shopping online, playing Clixgrid, and referring friends. It offers about $ 0.02 USD per Ad view and up to $ 0.08 USD per referral click. ClixGrid offers for daily prizes and participation in weekly contests.

Even if you have your own blog or websites you can advertise it using the ClixSense network. More than 2.5 million viewers are ready to see what you have to offer and thus you can find a best platform to advertise your site or blog at affordable rates.

To refer this site please visit:

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This is similar to other two sites and offers about $ 0.02 per click. The amount may be meagre but it offers more number of ads per day when compared to other above sites. Another good news here is the minimum cash out is $5 which you can draw through Paypal or Payza. Familyclix has a good reputation in the internet for paying its members in a timely manner. It is no different from any other Pay- for – action sites.

To check this refer:


This is the other PTC site which has the highest reputation and trust among the web lovers.  Just like Clickasia this site too offer you with $0.001 to $ 0.005 for a single click of advertisement. They also provide special offers to complete which may take about 4 days or less to finish the task. After every successful completion, you are rewarded with the respective amount.

To know more about this visit:

Reliable Websites to Earn Money


This is similar to any sites above and provide you with best amount of extra payment through so many ways like watching, commenting videos, complete offers and surveys etc. This site also provides many advertising shortcuts which you can use to boost up your websites, blogs, etc. This site refreshes the ads for every hour which is really amazing for the visitors. The minimum cash out is $ 6.99 USD.


Super Nova OX:

It's a newly launched PTC Site, the minimum withdrawal amount is just 2$. You can earn more amount within a week. Here, we can earn money by surfing the sites manual for certain seconds. They are also offering referral commission and promotional tools to earn lot.

To Sign up:


PaidVerts is a famous Paid to Click Site. If you created an account here, you will get some paid ads delivered daily to your account. The nature of your work is to copy 3 lines of text about the given ad. And then visit the website for 30 Seconds to unlock your instant cash payment.The more you accumulate, the larger value ads your account will gain priority in receiving.

To Register:


Ad2Prosper is a Paid to Click Site, but it is entirely different from other PTC sites like clixsense, neobux, familyclix etc…

Because, in ad2prosper the earning opportunity is very very high while comparing to other PTC sites. The minimum payout is $20. As a Free Member you can more and if you upgrade to Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum, your earning should be like $1800, $3000, $10000 and $30000 like this. Don't miss this way of earning money from the website ad2prosper.

What are you waiting for, just sign up here:  

Regardless of these sites there are also other Trusted PTC sites which can be visited to make extra money. But remember, just because it is difficult to make money it doesn’t mean that it is not legitimate site. Even there are many people making extra some of money enough to pay a bill.

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