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Do you want to make Money without investment - Classi Blogger

Do you want to make Money without investment

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Have you been looking for the real ways to make money online?

Moreover, without investment?

Here you can find out the websites to make money without investment.

Nowadays, the Online money making market has been developed a lot and many have started to make real money. Even though, it is little tough to find out the legitimate sites in the internet world, it is far worthy if you really find one.  More than finding a real one if the site allows you to earn money without investing any amount then that will be your ultimate destination. And everyone will be topping around the site. Isn't it?

Though it sounds good but do we really have such sites in the web world? If so, how to find that and how to start earning money?

Aren't you interested to read more?

Check out this article for more information's regarding making money online without investment.

Thus, let’s see the ways to earn money without investment. But before starting remember the following points in your mind:

  • You have to work hard as well as smart.
  • You must dedicate as much of your time possible to earn more.
  • Good communication in English is a must
  • You must have a computer connected to high-speed internet at your home.
  • Don’t expect more money as soon as you get in.
  • Check out the payment proofs of the sites you work. Remember, it is also better to contact those have got the payment from that site.

Having these points in mind let’s check out the following tips to find out the best online money making sites without investment.

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Paid to Click Websites:

There are huge numbers of PTC sites available in the internet. These sites are online advertising model which act as a platform for numerous other websites to advertise their products. Our job is to just click those advertisements and get readily paid for those ads.

This works well and successful, since many Advertisers pays money on the PTC sites for displaying their ads and in turn those sites pays money for the members who are viewing the advertisements.

In addition to this, few other PTC’s also offer sign-up bonus for the new members who join. Also members get commission from their referral earnings.

Few of those sites are:

Aurora Websites:

These websites are Multi Earning Sites which offer you with paid to click tasks, paid to surveys you complete, paid to sign-up, special offers, traffic exchange, and also paid to play games. These can be even shortly called as “all under one roof”.  You can find multi earning methods and give a try to every single task since you can try for free without any investment.

Paid to Share Websites:

If you are the one who like to download anything and share it with your friends then these websites will be a great help for you.

With the help of these Paid to share websites you can upload your favourite music, songs, images or even software and share it with your friends.  And the happiest thing is you will be paid for every download your friends make and automatically your account will be credited with money. To refer such websites check out these:

Paid to Post on Forums:

Forums are the place where people discuss about various topics and get different suggestions on the same. But the sites which are mentioned above allow the members to discuss the topic and also pay the members who participate in the forum topics. For more details refer”

Paid for Review Websites:

Similar to the Paid to forum sites these Paid to review sites also allows the members to write review for the products they post in the site. Once you review got approved your account will immediately credited with money.  Few of those sites are:

Money through Blogging:

Most probably you didn't hear about the word "Blogging". Nowadays it's very popular among the youngsters like you and me. Blogging is one of the easy and great way to earn money from online without any investment. To launch a blog, you don't want to invest any amount. Because more number of websites providing options to create a free blog or website.

WordPress and Blogger are the renowned websites to create a free blog or website. Before creating a blog/website, you must know the difference between blog and website.

If you are running a Business, School, Training Center, Mobile Shop, Grocery Shop anything it may be, you can create a free website for your concern and promote it through the Social Networks like Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon, TSU, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. By promoting your blog, you can get more leads and you can easily get profit through this.

There are lot of Video Tutorials available in Youtube about, How to Create a Prefect Blog for Free of Cost?

Don't you know How to Create a blog?

Better you can read my post Step by Step Guide to Create a Blog using

Just reading an ebook and watching video tutorials through youtube, we can't get any type of knowledge and experience. For everything we need a teacher/guru for start up. Blogging is not about just posting a content or promoting our business, it deals with the concept of Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Adwords, Adsense, Analytics, Webmaster, Traffic etc…

As the reason of having 7 years experience in blogging, currently i am providing Training for Blogging in Madurai. I am conducting this course only on Sundays for the convenient of students from other districts in Tamilnadu. After attending this training course, you can able to earn money from your home. It's Sure.

And so finally, with these ways you can start making money immediately without any delay. But however, you need to dedicate your sincere presence and knowledge while doing all these.

Additional Information:

RAAM IT Solutions is a growing BPO Service provider in Madurai. They are giving an awesome opportunity for House Wives, Part Time Employees, Data Entry Operators, College Students to work at home without any investment. They are offering easy and reliable jobs like Form Filling, Data Entry, Data Counting, HTML Tagging etc… You can get your payment through direct bank deposit. Don’t miss your valuable time, just Sign Up here and Start Earning Money.

To Register: Data Entry Jobs

Glad you like this post and your Comments are most welcome. Use the comment section below to share your thoughts.

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Hi, this is Nirmal Anandh M alias Muthu Vinayagam from the "Temple City", Madurai. I am the Founder of this blog. My profession is, as a CEO in ATHIRA Web Services. It's about Work From Home Jobs, Affiliate Marketing, E-Publishing, Data Conversion and Data Entry Projects. you can connect with me @ Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest , LinkedIn, Flipboard, Medium and Youtube.

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  1. I have one question that how can I join to, I visit the website and don’t see any link to apply or register at all.

  2. Hi.. really nice list and ways to earn money with out investment, I did not knew abut these websites and now surely want to check these definitely. And yes I want to know how to join bubblews there is no link shown to register. As well I sometimes worry to join these click paid websites as they may be fraudulent…

    1. Hi David,

      Glad you like this post. Nowadays, most people like to earn money without investment. The given above sites are very useful to earn money without investment. You can click here to register bubblews.

      For paid to click sites, better you can use Clixsense and Neobux.

      Thanks for your comment. Keep coming.

  3. Nirmal Anand is one of the good blogger from India his post always have good info. as usual in this post also about how to make money online without investment on ptc .. (paid to click) am earning through PTC sites and both neo Bux and Clix sense are wonderful sites and genuine.. thanks for the post dude..

    1. Hi Charan,

      Thanks for your appreciation. Without your encouragement am no more. A blog is not considered as a blog, if it didn’t have traffic or comments like this. Keep coming.

  4. Don’t you think even your time is an investment?
    Nirmal, I will of course be considering some of these and hope to make some cash to settle at least some hosting bills.

    1. Hi Kabie,

      Yes, time is a great investment. But some people don’t know how to utilize the time and how to convert time in to money. Anyway thanks for your comment.

  5. Now thats quite interesting to know. Clixsense and neobux pay very less and it took a month to complete 1 USD there. But still it is good to keep utilizing every single opprtunity to make money without investment.

    1. Hi,

      Yes i agree with you, clixsense and neobux paying very less amount and it is hard to earn money only for those who don’t know the tricks to earn money. To earn more money from clixsense and neobux, we have to convert this as affiliates, then only we can earn.

  6. wonderful guide to make money. but can you plz write post about making money through freelancer. plz provide full guide. thanx

  7. Hello,
    Thankyou for this post really helpful. i am going to try and will find out if it will work for me or not. Thankyou for this wonderful post.

    Keep Blogging!
    Mrunmay Phanse

  8. Thanks Nirmal for such a great information.

    But actually there is too much such kind of information is available on internet. How to recognize genuine information in Between that? Because mainly Internet scams are related to this type of information only.

    Can you help me in this?

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