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Top Five Smart Watches 2013


Smart watches have come to the attention of media since 2012. This trend was started when Pebble raised over US$10 million when it introduced its first ever smart watch for iOS and Android users.

And right now, smart watch has become one of the hottest topics at this moment. It is estimated that 2014 will be the year when smart watches show up big at retail. Growth is expected to continue after that by selling millions of watches every year.

So could there really be a market for wearable computing products like Smart watches?

If people urge to use such products what is the necessity to have such ones?

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What is Smart watch?

Just like your smart phones, these smart watches are the wearable computers miniaturized in the form of wrist watch. You can do all the possible things that you do with your smart mobiles. Some smart watches allow you to control music, read email alerts, and even answer phone calls. Since a smart watch connects to your smart phones, it can utilize the smart phone’s onboard sensor suite like GPS technology, accelerometers to provide users with variety of datas on the screen.

For example, a recent sport app called Runkeeper has been designed to communicate with the Pebble’s Smart watch. With that app, you can keep track of your workouts by controlling them using the Pebble’s buttons.

The technological development of smart phones which is so small yet powerful has lead to the revolution of these smart watches. Since these smart phone’s components are now small, energy efficient, the development of smart watches have become easy and cheap to fit into the reasonably sized watch. Thus, this has made people to access the computer wherever and whenever they are.

Nonetheless, if you are being a fan of these smart watches, take a look on the list of Top 5 Smart watches in the market of 2013.

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1. Pebble Smart watch:

As mentioned earlier, Pebble Smart watch had set a new record in the sales of the Smart watches and its popularity has not waned yet. This company was the first one to fire the imagination of Smart watch and thus continuously worked hard towards it. Now, it has got a considerable success and even more than that.  But however, certain features like answering call, support for fitness apps and lot more must be improved to make this device to be a more successful one.

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2. Martian Smart watch:

Among all currently available watches, Martian smart watch is more elegant in look and style. Pebble watches work as a standalone device that functions in tandem with the user’s smart phone whereas Martial smart watch works just as an extension of the smart phones. These watches offer hands-free voice commands, alerting system, and smart phone camera control and can be used by the persons who do not wish to carry a full-fledged computer on their wrist.

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3. I’m Smart watch:

This is watch is Italian made which looks great in style and design. But however, since the firmware and the software just feel unfinished, this watch could not catch up the first place in the top five smart watch lists. 

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4. Cookoo Smart watch:

It is a simple, unpretentious and has few features. It is also designed to be an extension of wearer’s smart phones and does not replace it fully. This is the world’s first watch that combines analog movement with a digital display to keep people updated every second. This smart watch allows you to check what’s going on in your phone in real time even if you are not able to see your phone or reach it.

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5. Meta Watch:

This type of smart watch is for the users who wish to stick over with more operations than aesthetics. For such kind of users this watch is worth buying. It is least visually pleasing kind of watch than the other which are mentioned above.

In addition to this, you must also make a note of Samsung’s smart watch called as Samsung Galaxy Gear. This smart watch can act as a smaller second screen when you feel that your phone is too big to use. It lets you to take calls, send messages and perform various other tasks from your wrist without touching your phone.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear:

The first true missile launched by Samsung in the field of wearable devices. The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch has a fantastic look coupled with a smart placement of camera, excellent speaker, microphone use, a 1.63 inch amoled colour screen to make video interactions very clear. In addition to this, it comes with 4 GB on-board memory, 90 apps supported platform, interacting right into the watch itself and numerous other features that has made this smart watch as a must-have device.

So, it seems smart watches swooping from all directions and people are ready to welcome every kind of valuable innovations. Anyways, these smart watches must need to carve on its own to attract more people by improving its battery life, looking better than any normal wrist watch to make sure that the entire world exists on our hands.

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  1. I found Samsung Galaxy Gear watch much smarter technology example then the rest. Next goes the iphone 5C smart watch.

    1. Hi Aliee,

      Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch is smarter than other watches. I prefer this to my readers. Anyway thanks for dropping your comment here. Keep Coming.

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  3. What an attractive smartwatch. This is a watch I would absolutely wear. Congratulations on losing weight. You are stunning!

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  5. But they can also provide extra conveniences, especially for folks constantly on the go. Smart watches can notify you about calls or texts, help you pay remotely without bringing out your wallet, and much more. All of this high-tech convenience seems to be a perfect combination for the Apple brand.

  6. Any smart watch worth pairing with your iPhone needs to be a great smart device in its own right. That’s why I chose the Apple Watch 6 as the best overall iPhone smart watch; it’s great not only as a counterpart to an iOS device but also as a staple watch for any purpose you can imagine.

  7. Now there is a lot of smartwatch in the market. I love the Samsung galaxy gear the most. Its features make it the best smartwatch.

  8. In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, one innovation stands out as a seamless blend of functionality and style – the smartwatch.
    It’s incredible how this compact marvel has transformed our wristwear from mere timekeepers to
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  9. I’ve been using the Galaxy Watch for the past few months, and I must say, it has completely transformed how I approach my daily routines. This smartwatch is truly impressive.
    Samsung Galaxy Watch

  10. Smartphones have truly revolutionized our lives! The constant advancements in technology mean we have a vast array of choices, each with its unique features and capabilities. It’s incredible to see how they’ve evolved into powerful tools for communication, productivity, and entertainment.

  11. I never realized how much SmartWatchs has evolved over the years. The comparison between different brands and models is quite helpful. Now I can make an informed decision on which one to buy.

  12. Wow, this article on Smart Watch is so informative! I’ve been thinking about getting one for myself, and this really helps me understand the features I should be looking for. Thanks for the insights!

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