Cool Covers For Your iPhone5 – Just Interesting

Cool Covers For Your iPhone5 – Just Interesting


With mobile phone technology, it’s not just about functionality any more. Form is just as important, with the new iPhone5 being seen very much as a lifestyle statement, as well as a functional piece of everyday kit. So with this in mind, and looking at both form and function as equal partners, let’s take a quick look at some of the cool covers for your iPhone5 available on the market for the new iPhone5.

1. popSLATE and Plastic Logic push the envelope

Let’s start off with one of the most innovative and exciting developments, the popSLATE/Plastic Logic cover that’s been developed for the iPhone5 and 5S. This clever bit of kit has an integrated secondary electrophoretic display (EPD). What this effectively means is that the display is daylight readable, shatterproof, ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight. It also incorporates the ‘always-on’ principle of EPD technology, which only requires power to create a new image.

So as long as you keep the same image on the display, there won’t be any drain on the power levels. The ‘Always-On Experience’ has been notched up a gear by popSLATE by embedding the Plastic Logic developed EPD display into the smartphone’s casing. By using the popSLATE app, users can then customize their case with their own images or create dashboards that include their favorite apps in an at-a-glance system that’s highly intuitive and inclusion.

Effectively, the technology puts the user in charge of their own content, whilst using technology that the average smartphone user will already be familiar with.

2. LEGO® Builder Case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s

This certainly panders to the kid in all of us! A case that basically forms a platform for building LEGO models, it still manages to offer a good level of protection for your precious iPhone too, particularly with the raised front screen lip. Fun and funky, just don’t step on it in the dark, as not only will you break the phone, but you’ll also suffer the agony of stepping on a LEGO brick!

3. Griffin Survivor – for added protection

The trouble with delicate electronics is that they usually don’t respond well to knocks, bumps, water or extremes of temperature. The Griffin Survivor case incorporates a polycarbonate frame wrapped in silicone to protect the phone against shock or impact damage, and is combined with a rigid, integrated screen protector. This tough customer undergoes the same level of testing as the US DoD uses on its military equipment, so even if you’re going seriously ‘off-grid’ it should offer a reasonable level of protection for your kit.

4. Cases to help you power up

It’s been a bit slow out of the starting blocks, but finally the technology has started to filter through that addresses one of the key problems for all smartphone users – power drainage. The new Mophie Juice Pack Helium aims to address that problem with a battery case that, while it may not double your battery life like the cases for the iPhone4 did, it will certainly extent it to allow you to finish that all-important conversation.

5. Otterbox Defender – the ultimate protection

Our last choice is another case that will give you some added protection – the Otterbox Defender. Probably the best-known and most reliable way of protecting your iPhone5 or 5S, the Otterbox Defender is as robust as they come. Made of super-tough, rubber-wrapped polycarbonate complete with an integrated screen protector, it also has button covers and port doors to stop dust getting into the internal workings.

However, it’s bulky, so if you’re looking for a more slimline protection then it may be worth looking at other cases. But if you’re off on the next leg of the Paris-Dakar rally or a trip down the Amazon, this is the ultimate protective case for your iPhone5.

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5 thoughts on “Cool Covers For Your iPhone5 – Just Interesting

  1. Previously iphone has not so colorful cover but now its cover more colorful & stylish. It can impress anyone

    1. Yes, you are correct Ahsan.

      As the technology improves, everything improves. Thanks for coming by Ahsan.

  2. Cool cover for iphone 5, i really love all the mentioned ones. Specially the red one. Although i don’t have an iphone but my brother does.


  3. I have Apple mobile, my favourite cover is Blue.

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