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Apps that make your Traveling easy


In last couple of years mobile application touched and simplified almost every part of our lives and this statement is applicable on our traveling as well. In case you are also planning to go on a trip here are few apps that’s can simplify you travel and you should have them on your Smartphone before you begin your travel.


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With the help of this app you can book your flight tickets in simplest possible manner. The best thing about this app is that it works on geo-location mode as well, which means it can find a flight from your nearest airport to anywhere in the world. In addition to this it can also search flights under a variety of filter and it can give your prices of flights in your preferred currency. This app is available for iOS, windows and android devices.

Download: Install Skyscanner Here

Trip It:

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This is an amazing app that can work as travel reminder for you during your entire travel. To Use this app you just need to forward your travel plan to Trip It and it will store all the information on its cloud server and it will keep on reminding you for your next flight and travel plan. In addition to this, this app will give you alerts about flight timing and any last minute changes as well. This particular app is available for windows, android and iOS devices.

Download: Install Tripit

Trip Advisor:

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This is an amazing app by which you can get lot information about your traveling destination. This app can give you information about hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, native food, native culture, must visit places and you can read reviews of services or attraction from other people. This app is available for android and iPhone devices.

Download: Install Trip Advisor


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This app can work as a travel guide for you that can travel with you anywhere in the world. This app gives you most relevant information about any destination and you can store that information as well so you can use it offline.

In addition to this, this map gives information about recommended location at your destination depending on time and whether condition. Along with this, this app has maps, city guides, eating places information, sightseeing tips and much more for more than 8000 destination.

This app is available for android and iPhone both.

Download: Install Triposo

XE currency:

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When you travel abroad you always find it very difficult to manage the budget due to frequent changes in currency cost. In this kind of situation XE currency can be your best friend because it will not only give you updated information about the current currency rate of your present country against dollar, but you can even record the total amount that you spent in your travel and you can get that amount in dollar. This app is available for iPhone, windows, blackberry and android devices.

Download: XE Currency

In addition to these apps you can get some other apps as well that can solve your particular requirement. For example, if you are travelling to USA on ESTA, then you can find an app that can store your ESTA information for your easy transit and you can share that information to authorities using your mobile phone only.

Get More Apps:

1. Expedia

2. Travel Checklist 

3. GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas 

4. Pocket Travel Guide

5. AccuWeather

6. FlightView Free

7.Distance to Distance Calculator

8. Travelocity (Kindle Tablet Edition)

9. Apple MB974ZM/B World Travel Adapter Kit

10. Travel to U.S. National Parks [Download] 

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  1. I use Trip advisor app as a travel guide. It is so helpful for me before starting a trip. I never used other travel apps which you mentioned. I love to check all these

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