TeslaThemes Affiliate Program – Make $1,540 a Month!

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program – Make $1,540 a Month!

Do you want to earn money from online?

Don’t you know how to earn money from online? Then you are at the right place. Most people think that earning money from online is easy and just by creating a blog and updating the content we can earn. It’s not right. They are just seeing and reading the blogs of earners, but they missed to see the hard work behind that blog.

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Earning money from online is easy if you put more effort and dedication towards your goal. Without effort and hard work we can’t reach our destination. There are some bloggers who created a blog and earning six figured income through online, but others just reading their blog and never follows the steps given by them, that’s the main reason for their failure to earning money from online.

Most people want to earn money fast, that’s not possible. You will need more time and more effort to make money from online. Blogging for more than 6 months would not make you a billionaire or a professional blogger. No Google Adsense, Infolinks, Commission Junction or Click Bank will make you rich in few days. Give your effort, work more and learn more, one day you will earn more. That’s it.

Make $1000/Month without any Investment

To monetize a blog or to earn money from online, we always concentrate on Google Adsense, Infolinks, media.net like advertising programs. We can’t earn money from these advertising sites, without having the traffic level of 10,000/day. Even if we have such traffic to our blog, we have to face some risks and these sites are not reliable to earn $1000/month.

Because they can suspend our account at any time without any reason. So, other than this advertising network, what is the best way to earn money? Affiliate Marketing is one of the best and easiest way to earn more money from online. For Adsense or infolinks, always you have to wait for getting clicks, even if you get clicks the monetization depends on demography, impression and bounce rate. So we can’t consider this as a reliable method to earn money.

Let’s come to the point.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Affiliate Marketing is a process of promoting and selling product through online. The selling of product may be anything like mobile, smartphone, gadgets, books, automobile spare parts, home decors, themes, softwares, ebooks etc.

Those who providing products to the blogger or ecommerce website to sell through online in the commission basis is called Affiliates. Nowadays anyone can be an affiliate to sell their products.

For Ex:

If you are running a book shop and you want to sell your books through online, just you can go to the websites like snapdeal, amazon, click2sell, instamozo or clickbank and register your product. If you registered your product to amazon, as an affiliate marketer, I will get your selling link from amazon and promote it through my blog. If I sold any one of your product, amazon will give commission to me. The commission amount varies among affiliates.

Most Reliable & Useful Websites to Make Money from Home

There are number of affiliate websites available in the internet, we have to pick up the best one according to our niche. Some of the example affiliates are amazon, cj, clickbank, click2sell, jvzoo, share4sale etc.

For affiliate marketing, you are having responsibility to find which one is best. As a blogger for more than six years, I can certainly say which one is best and worst. I don’t want to tell about worst affiliates. Here I am going to refer you an important and one of the best affiliate to earn more money from online is Tesla Themes Affiliate Program.

Something About TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

TeslaThemes is the designer and developer of Premium WordPress themes. Till date they have developed more than 50 themes with the happy customers around 17,000. 
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Just by selling the TeslaThemes Premium WP Themes we can earn up to 50% for each sale. This is really a cool one. If you are having a blog or website, just add the referral link or banner of TeslaThemes and increase your income. Even you can make a best article about TeslaThemes Reviews by mentioning some of its great advantages you can hike your per month income.

How to Sign Up with TeslaThemes?

Signing Up is really an easy task in Tesla Themes Affiliates. Just click this link and again click on Become a Member button. Now enter the details of email address, username, password and your country.Even you can also use your Facebook account to create your affiliate account.
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Important Features of TeslaThemes Affiliate Program:

  1. 50% Commission for each sale done by you.
  2. If a person referred by you made a sale, you will get 15% Commission.       
  3. Free Sign Up.
  4. Real Time Stats to track your referrals.
  5. Cookies track your referral activities for 90 days.
  6. Banners and Links are available for promotion.
  7. The minimum payment threshold is $1
  8. Paypal & Payoneer account to redeem. [For Payoneer payment arrangement one have to send email request to TeslaThemes Supports]
  9. Commission amount will be credited within 5 days of the next month.
  10. The affiliate section is well designed and it is easy to grab the links to the themes you want to promote.
  11. The commission rate is generous.
  12. The products they promoting are high quality. 
  13. Minimum payout is just $1, so as long as you refer at least 1 sale, you will get paid.

Payment Proof:

payment proof of tesla_earn money from tesla themeaffiliate_tesla theme review_classiblogger_3

Conditions to Keep in Mind:

  • PPC advertising for Tesla Theme Affiliate is not allowed.
  • Black Hat Techniques are prohibited.
  • Not allowed to use the brand name of Tesla Theme in your domain name.

Glad you understood about the concept of earning money from TeslaTheme Affiliate Program. Then why are waiting for, just Sign up for TeslaThemes Affiliate Program and start making money. Please use the given below comment form regarding any doubts or queries.

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