In today’s time making money through internet is not a very hard task. Bloggers and Website owners are earning a lot of money by using link shortening website. One can easily earn by shortening their outbound links. All you require is a website with a decent content which has outgoing links.

Recently I was searching for some good url shortners and found a Safelinkconverter. I have been using it for a while and I am very much satisfied by the rates and earnings.


Here is my full detailed review of Safelinkconverter:

What is Safelinkconverter ? is a url shortening service that pays more than any other link shortening service. This service was started in 2011. It encrypt urls and display ads on the decrypting page by which clients earn on their outgoing links. Clients like download sites, social media or any site which have outgoing links can use our service.

Why Safelinkconverter ?

The uniqueness in this service is that clients get the option to use their own AdSense ads for earning on their urls. So website owners who have AdSense account but cannot use their account for their website due to their content get the option of earning from their own AdSense and the payment is made by Google.


The layout of interstitial page on which AdSense ads are displayed is fully approved by Google. The interstitial page is actually a review page where the visitor gets the information of the link they’ll be visiting. The page show the whois details, alexa ranking as well antivirus reviews of the link. In this way visitors of website get a brief information of link. is the review website. Here is an example link –

They are the only service who are providing own domain encryption of links. In simple words one can create a clone of safelinkreview on their own domain and use it as your interstitial page for their outgoing links.

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Benefits of Own Domain service are:

  1. Clients get their own link shortening/encrypting website as well as a review site which will yield search traffic from google.
  2. Users don’t have to worry about their AdSense account as it will used on their own website.

How Safelinkconverter works ?

Safelinkconverter offers their clients to earn by their urls in two ways:

  1. AdSense Revenue Sharing Service – As I mentioned earlier they have the option for their clients to use AdSense account for earning revenue from their urls. In this system the website owner will get upto 85% of the revenue generated by their traffic, they can see their live earnings in their AdSense Account and they will be payed by Google. It provides a feature for the users to use their own domain to show ads as I mentioned. Website owners can even ask for custom percentage depending upon their traffic.
  2. CPM Based Revenue Service – In the CPM service the users who don’t have an AdSense account can easily use this service as they provide the best rates compared to any other link shortening site. In CPM service the visitors are shown various ads and captcha and the clients earn the highest CPM rates depending on their traffic.

You can check the rates for 1000 pageviews.

Users can even ask for custom rates if they have high as well as good quality traffic.

So to get started and earn money by shortening your links all you have to do is:

  1. Sign Up on Safelinkconverter by visiting – and filling up all the basic details like username, email, password, your-website and AdSense account status.
  2. After filling the details check your email and confirm your account by clicking the confirmation link.
  3. Now the final step is to login and start using it the plugin.
  4. If you are an AdSense user you can use our JavaScript or WordPress plugin and start earning.
  5. If you are a CPM service user visit the dashboard and click login under CPM tab and you are ready to use the plugin for CPM service.

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Benefits of Using Safelinkconverter:

  1. High Earnings from AdSense as they provide the best layout for ads.
  2. Visitors get the full information of the link they will be visiting by our dynamic content algorithm.
  3. Ready to use JavaScript and WordPress Plugins.
  4. Wide range of Ads as well global coverage.
  5. Own domain give an opportunity to start your own review service as well as an extra added protection for you AdSense.
  6. Highest CPM rates than any other link shortening service.
  7. Regular Updates and optimization.

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Referral Service in Safelinkconverter:


Website owners, bloggers, forum writers can earn by referring their friends or visitors. They can earn 25% earnings of their referred users for lifetime. This simply means that they’ll get 25% commission in their AdSense account of what every person they referred has earn.

Clients get a special link which they can share on websites, discussion forums or social media sites.

They even provide referral banner ads of various sizes.

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