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Making Money from online is bit hard for those who are not having own blogger or WordPress blogs. Even if they have blogs, they have to put more effort to make some cents from online. The numbers of blogs are increasing day by day to establish their skill set, promote & sell their products, earn money from Adsense and from other affiliates like Amazon, Commission Junction, ClickBank, Jvzoo etc.

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But the fact is, among 1000 blogs only 5 or 10 bloggers can earn 6 figure incomes from their blogs. We all know that, money is an important thing in this world, it is always ultimate. Without money we are not and we cannot eligible to survive.

In online, we can find more number of opportunities to earn money, but we don’t know how to earn from it. No one is ready to help others to earn money from blog or through online. Here I am going to share an important way to earn money without creating a blog.

Without blog, you can earn money from online. Are you interested to know?

Ok. Let’s Start.

Did you heard or see about

What is it? is a renowned link shortening platform, launched in the year of 2012 by the team of Internet Enthusiast from Europe. By using this website, we can shorten any kind of short or long html link to very short.

By doing this, what we can get?

Yes. I heard your mind voice.

In Simple. By doing this, we can earn money. The important thing we have to remember is that, we don’t need any special skills or blogs to earn money from Other than, we can see huge number of link shortener available, for example: we can say google link shortener, but they don’t pay you for using their tool. There are similar services such as and, but pays out more and it is user friendly while compare to others.

How Works?

As I told already, there is no special skill need for you to earn money from Because the process of earning money from is very simple then sharing your Facebook post to friends.

When the Url generated by is clicked by anyone, it don’t redirect to the destination page, before that the people can see an ad for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, they can get an option to skip the page. Even if they skip or browse that ad, we can earn money for both clicking and viewing of ad. The concept is, your friends or others have to click the link shortened by you using the tool of shorte. That’s it.

Still you can’t understand.

Listen here carefully.

I shortened my html link to .

If you click this shortened link  it will redirect to another page, (i.e an advertiser page) after 5 seconds you will see skip ad button at the top right corner. When you click the Skip Ad button, then you will redirect to my own page of For this, I will get paid. Simple isn’t it.

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How to Shorten Link?

To shorten your link, just Sign Up here. To sign up, you can simply use your Facebook account option or you can register by your email id.

earn money from shorte_classiblogger_madurai_1After signing up, you can see a box and shorten button at the top of the page. In that box, just paste the html link you want to share and press shorten button. Then click the copy button and share it to your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest for earning more money.

How to Earn More from

“Share More and Earn More”

You can share anyone’s link to earn money from

For Example:

If you searching for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in Google and you can see more number of websites; there you can select one website, if you found the information given in that website is good enough. Just copy that html link, paste it to shortener box, shortened it, copy it and again paste it to your desired social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. 

Before shortening the html link, one important thing you have to keep on mind is, you have to login to your account. Even if you didn’t login to your account, you can shorten your link by pasting on it in the box at the top of page.

What kind of Links to Shorten?

We can share all kind of external links, internal links, social media pages, social media photos, videos, youtube video links, vimeo video links, email signature links etc…

How to Withdraw Money from

To withdraw your earnings from, you should have Paypal, Payoneer or Webmoney id. The minimum payment threshold is $5.

The major advantage of is, they offering high CPM rate and 20% commission for their affiliates. If you are a blogger, you can earn money by just referring them to others. They are also providing sharing buttons widgets to bloggers to earn money. All you need to do is, place the social share widget on the page you want to share and earn.

For WordPress users, you can just Download the plugin of and make of use of it.

Glad you like the post about to earn money from online.

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Just Paste, Shorten, Copy, Share and Earn. As I said already, “Share more & earn more”. Don’t wait, just Sign Up & Earn Money.

All the Best.

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